5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Be Making | East-West Electric

New Year's Resolutions

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Be Making | East-West Electric

Your New Year’s resolutions often include going to the gym, eating healthier, be kinder to the people around you, etc. But, these usually go out the window by February. On the other hand, there are some easy habits you can adopt this 2020 to ensure yours and your loved ones’ electrical safety. 


New Year’s Resolutions To Keep In Mind This 2020


#1 Check Your Smoke Alarms Once A Month

What if we told you about a quick, easy task to add to your monthly routine that could double your chances of escaping from a house fire, and it only takes a minute to do? You’d be crazy to turn it down! We’re talking about checking your smoke alarms. All you need to do is press the button once a month and listen out for the beep. It’s that easy!


#2 Stop Buying Cheap Phone Chargers

After shelling out a couple of hundred dollars for a phone, it’s tempting to cut corners when it comes to replacing a worn-out charger. After all, how dangerous can a charger really be?

Pretty dangerous, actually. 98% of them had the potential to cause a lethal electric shock or start a fire. It’s a scary thought, especially when you think about how often we continue to use our phones while they’re charging. And if you leave yours to charge overnight, you have even more reason to be concerned.

A fake charger could also completely destroy your phone. Definitely not ideal. Buying a cheap phone charger may save you a few dollars to start with, but it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run!


#3 Stop Overloading Your Sockets

This might not sound like your typical New Year’s Resolution, but hear us out.

It’s tempting to plug in as many appliances as possible when you’re strapped for socket space, and adaptors make it easy to do. But just because you have the ability to plug in extra appliances, doesn’t always mean it’s safe to do so!

A simple tip to remember is to only use one extension lead per socket, and never plug an extension lead into another extension lead. That’s just asking for trouble. Consider having additional sockets installed if you regularly rely on extension leads and adaptors, and remember to use a registered electrician to carry out the installation work.


#4 Have a Whole-House Surge Protector Installed

Power surges can enter your home unexpectedly during a stormy night, a random power company disruption or operation of a heavy-duty electrical appliance. They destroy electronic devices in their path and at times cause fires as well. It is unfortunate when your Mac or PC dies, but even more so when your personal content is lost along with it as well. 

To reduce damage from power surges, have a whole house surge protector installed by East-West Electric at the panel and additionally multi-outlet power strip surge protection for delicate circuitry, telephone and cable lines. This will ensure both the main zones as well as secondary zone surge protection to absorb any excess power that seeps through the primary protection.


#5 Check On Your Older Relatives, Friends, And Neighbors More Often

Electrical accidents in the home can pose a more significant risk to older or vulnerable people. This is often due to old or poor-quality housing that contains faulty electrics and appliances.

One million people over 75 live in homes that are in a state of disrepair or do not have modern facilities. These homes can be dangerous as they don’t meet basic electrical safety standards. And they don’t include life-saving devices such as a modern fusebox, circuit breakers, and PVC wiring.

Sometimes a health condition such as dementia or Parkinson’s can increase the risk of an electrical accident. These conditions cause reduced mobility and memory. If you’re worried about your property or concerned about a neighbor or relative, check on them on a regular basis. You never know, you could be saving their life!


The Best New Year’s Resolutions At East-West Electric

We hope you find these New Year’s resolutions helpful to make your New Year safer. If you need commercial or residential electrical services and/or installations, give East-West Electric a call at (727) 771-9403 and we will give you a free quote! We wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at East-West Electric!