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home with electrical needs

5 Electrical Problems To Fix Before Your Selling Your Home

One of the problems that can determine whether a house sells or not, lies behind its walls. While the curb appeal is essential, it is very important to upgrade and…

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electrical wires

Understanding Electrical Wire Colors

In order to ensure the residents’, electricians’, and your appliance’s safety, it is important to understand electrical wire colors. The different colors indicate what that circuit’s purpose is. It is…

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Why A Bath Fan Is Good For Your Bathroom

Controlling the humidity in your home is imperative. When the humidity increases your home can start growing mold or it can even suffer from structural damage like warping and peeling…

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outdated light switch

Upgrading To Smart Light Switches

Like many of the devices we find in our homes nowadays, the light switch has joined the hi-tech club. Most smart light switches look a bit traditional but what makes…

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grounded outlet

Why Are Ungrounded Outlets Dangerous?

You electricians insist on safety on a very regular basis. Why? Because electricity in its nature is volatile. We’ve been able to harness it but if it’s misused it can…

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electric vehicle charging

Electric Vehicle Charger: 4 Things You Should Know About Installation

The electric car market is rising. As of 2019, there are over 1.18 million electric vehicles in the United States. For all of the people buying electric cars the first…

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How to Keep Pets from Chewing on Cords

While pets are a wonderful addition to the family, they can develop the habit of chewing on cords around the house. Besides it being an annoying quirk, it can also…

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smart electricity meter

4 Benefits of a Smart Electricity Meter

Smart electricity meters are getting more popular these days as electric companies keep adopting new technology in their communities. Yet, a lot of property owners don’t even know that their…

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volt reader

All You Need To Know About 240-volt Outlets

An outlet is a socket that works as a connector between the electrical device and the electric source. Easily put, it is where you plug in your computer, your TV,…

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lightning striking a pole

Lightning Arrester: What Is It’s Purpose?

A lightning arrester is a device that is used on electrical power and telecommunications systems to protect their insulation and conductors from lightning damages. However, when you have one installed,…

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