Illuminate Your Retail Store: Lighting Solutions for Optimal Shopping Experience

Electrical Design for Commercial Buildings

Lighting plays a crucial role in the success of any retail store. It can enhance the aesthetic appeal of spaces, highlight products, draw in customers, and ultimately influence their purchasing decisions. In today’s competitive market, providing the right lighting solutions can make all the difference in creating a positive shopping experience for your customers. If […]

Things to Know Before Hiring a Commercial Electrician

If you want a socket in your home replaced that’s the sort of work that a residential electrician will undertake but if you need to install some new stadium lights or want a quote for tennis court lighting, that is the domain of a commercial electrician. In simple terms, a commercial electrician is someone who […]

Tennis Court Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Game

If you are serious enough about your game to install a tennis court you will obviously want to create the best environment to give you maximum enjoyment and the freedom to play almost anytime you want to. That is why you need to take your tennis court lighting options seriously. The best way of achieving […]

3 Advantages of Installing LED Stadium Lights

stadium lights against a blue sky

There are a ton of pros associated with LED outdoor sports lighting. Lights are an important part of any outdoor venue, so it is vital to stay on top of any technology that will give you an edge. This is why LED is starting to prove that it is the superior choice for stadium lighting.  […]

The Best 5 Commercial Lighting Trends

lighting for retail stores

For some industries, 2021 was a rebuilding year. The lighting industry keeps on being innovative. And, its products transcend how people see lighting for more eco-friendly options. Contractors and facilities that leverage the advantages of lighting capabilities can increase their property value. Therefore, also increasing their business revenue. Let’s take a look at this year’s […]

The Weather and Energy Usage

The relationship between energy usage and the weather is a perpetual cycle. As temperatures go up or down, energy use will also increase or decrease because of a variety of factors. For example, as temperatures get colder, you will spend more energy and money trying to heat your home and maintain it at a comfortable […]

Why You Need Low Voltage Electrical Contractors Now

East-West Electric has on-staff expert technicians and designers with experience in the installation and design of data, voice, fiber optics, security and paging systems, and fire alarms.Our team of low voltage electrician contractors works with most distributors and vendors to install all types of systems to meet any of your specific needs. East-West Electric also […]

The Benefits Of Led Lighting For Businesses

Outdoor and indoor lighting is basically essential to business activities. Like many other essentials, commercial lighting goes hand in hand with an unavoidable, ongoing cost. So why not make a change that’s good for the environment as well as for your bottom line? As a commercial and industrial electrician company, we understand the importance and […]

5 Reasons Why Your Facility Needs a New Electric Motor

electric industrial facility

The electric motor is the most critical component of your facility’s operations. When it is working correctly, it provides the highest level of efficiency, productivity, and safety for you, your clientele, and your workforce. Electric motors, just like any other moving component, can break down and cause extended downtime, potential dangers to people nearby, and […]

5 Signs You Need to Call a Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician

The US electrical services market reached a value of over $100 billion in 2020. Electrical systems in a commercial environment can experience all kinds of problems. If not dealt with, these problems can lead to much larger issues, and may even present health and safety risks. It’s important to know the signs to look out for […]