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weather conditions

The Weather and Energy Usage

The relationship between energy usage and the weather is a perpetual cycle. As temperatures go up or down, energy use will also increase or decrease because of a variety of…

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restaurant lights

The Best 5 Commercial Lighting Trends in 2021

For some industries, 2021 was a rebuilding year. The lighting industry keeps on being innovative. And, its products transcend how people see lighting for more eco-friendly options. Contractors and facilities…

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green exit sign

When To Check Your Exit And Emergency Lights

One of these bulbs operates on 110 volts of building power. The second bulb comes on only when there is a power outage and low voltage that only operates on…

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commercial lighting

4 Reasons You Need Commercial Electrical Repair

If you’re a property owner you probably know that there are many things that can go wrong in a commercial property, even tiny issues can turn into big problems quickly….

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smart electricity meter

4 Benefits of a Smart Electricity Meter

Smart electricity meters are getting more popular these days as electric companies keep adopting new technology in their communities. Yet, a lot of property owners don’t even know that their…

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lightning striking a pole

Lightning Arrester: What Is It’s Purpose?

A lightning arrester is a device that is used on electrical power and telecommunications systems to protect their insulation and conductors from lightning damages. However, when you have one installed,…

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lighting design

5 Lighting Design Tips To Help Your Business

Did you know you can drastically improve the look of your business with proper lighting design?  Lighting can help you highlight the different features of your landscape, and using the…

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Germicidal lamp

What You Need To Know About Germicidal Lamps

If you’re a medical worker or you work at a water treatment facility you probably are very familiar with germicidal lamps. Also called UV lamps. However, if you’re not familiar…

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8 Reasons to Have Light Dimmers Installed in Your Home or Business

Light dimmer switches are a cheap and easy way to change your home’s lighting appeal, as well as saving energy. An often overlooked decorating secret, dimmers can change the mood…

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Save Energy

Save Energy in Commercial Buildings

If you are a property manager or you own a business, you probably always want to improve efficiency and cut costs. What you can definitely do is figure out how…

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