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Electrical Design for Commercial Buildings

A Guide To Electrical Design For Commercial Buildings

From multi-story office blocks to converted old properties, each and every commercial building has its own special construction requirements. Especially when it comes to the electrical design for commercial buildings….

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Commercial Building Standby Generator

Standby Generator, Should You Buy One? | East-West Electric

If you run a business in Pinellas County, you know how critical it is to have a reliable power source, like a standby generator, keeping your operations running. However, following…

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Electrical Injuries

Electrical Injuries That Will Shock You | Clearwater Electrician

As we have stressed in previous electrical safety pieces, the electrical power systems in our homes and places of work can be taken for granted because we use it so…

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Parking Lot Lighting

The 10 Reasons to Install LED Parking Lot Lighting | Clearwater Electrician

If you own a commercial parking lot in Pinellas County, then you should consider upgrading to an LED lighting system. LED stands for light emitting diode and is a different…

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Office Lighting

Benefits of Good Lighting in Your Office | Commercial Lighting Contractors

The average American spends approximately 2,000 hours a year in their office which is a lot of time in one place. It’s important then that your work environment is designed…

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Why Hiring A Commercial Electrician Makes Financial Sense

Commercial Electrician in Clearwater, FL Did you know that a third of a large commercial buildings operating expense goes to energy consumption? There are many companies out there that simply…

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Led Lighting


Commercial LED Lighting Projects in Clearwater, FL Whether you have a big commercial lighting project lined up such as a parking lot structure or office building, or even want to…

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Electrical Contractor in Clearwater, FL Explains the Installation Process & Maintenance Needs for Indoor & Outdoor Lighting When people think of the appearance of their home, they usually think of…

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Electrical Contractor in Clearwater Explains Commercial & Construction Electricians Constructing a new facility is a huge, expensive, and complicated process. Maintaining a business is no easy feat, either. When electrical…

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