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Electrician working

6 Electrician Secrets For Your Home

When you’re a homeowner, hiring an electrician is very common. However, there are people lucky enough to have never needed electrician services. Electricians are professionals who are highly skilled and…

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ceiling fan

Why Installing Home Ceiling Fans Is A Good Idea

Ceiling fans can be a new wonderful addition to your home. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also look very attractive and they improve a room’s look and…

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electric stove

Gas Ranges VS Electric Stove

If you’re currently building a home or remodeling the one you already own, you are expected to make countless decisions. One of the most important ones is whether to use…

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smoke detector

When To Replace Smoke Detectors And What If They Are Hardwired?

Once this pandemic we’re going through blows over, your home will become a gathering place of family and friends. With that in mind, it is also a good time to…

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electrical plugs

Why Your Electrical Plugs Keep Falling Out Of The Outlet

It is not unusual to meet customers that have their home full of electrical plugs that keep falling out of the outlet. This can get alarming since they can cause…

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8 Reasons to Have Light Dimmers Installed in Your Home or Business

Light dimmer switches are a cheap and easy way to change your home’s lighting appeal, as well as saving energy. An often overlooked decorating secret, dimmers can change the mood…

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power outage

What Causes A Power Outage?

Having a good idea of how long power outages last and what causes them will help ensure that you are properly prepared for when the lights go out. At East-West…

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6 Reasons Why Rewiring Your Home Is Important

If your home has old wiring it can be a threat to your family, but it can also reduce your home’s value. Having your home rewired can be expensive. But,…

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New Year's Resolutions

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Be Making

Your New Year’s resolutions often include going to the gym, eating healthier, be kinder to the people around you, etc. But, these usually stop by February. On the other hand,…

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Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips | East-West Electric

Christmas is just around the corner. With all of the joy that comes with decorating and preparing for the holiday season, it can be easy to forget about some of…

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