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aluminum wiring

Aluminum Wiring at Home? Here Is What You Can Do

Between the 1950s and the 1970s, a lot of homes were equipped with aluminum wiring systems because copper prices were on the rise. Aluminum was a cost-effective and very conductive…

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LED pool lighting

4 Reasons You Need LED Pool Lighting

Pool lighting has come a long way since 1969. That was the year it became a part of the National Electric Code. Before then, pool lighting did not have good…

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under cabinet lighting

8 Ways To Choose The Right Under Cabinet Lighting

Adding under cabinet lighting is 100% worth your investment and time. And, as lighting specialists, we know thousands of users agree with us. If you’re new to this trend, this…

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outlet plug in a wall

Are Sparking Outlets Dangerous?

You have probably seen a small blue spark when you plug something in to an outlet. This is a harmless and normal event most of the time, but sparking outlets…

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blow dryer plugged into power strip

7 Things You Should NOT Plug Into Your Power Strip

A power strip can be a convenient solution when you have a shortage of electrical outlets. However, most people don’t know that they are only designed to handle electronics that…

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mini split AC unit in the wall

Choosing The Right AC Unit for Your Home

Do you have a window AC unit to keep your home cool? You may be thinking if switching to a central AC system can lower your monthly electric bill. At…

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basement project

Basement Lighting Options

Is walking down your basement giving you chills down your spine? Your basement doesn’t have to look like it’s straight out of a horror movie. Choosing the right lighting options…

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deck lighting

5 Deck Lighting Installation Ideas

Having deck lighting and outdoor outlets installed in your yard can expand your open-air living chances all the way into the night while additionally improving your home’s resale value. As…

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home with electrical needs

5 Electrical Problems To Fix Before Your Selling Your Home

One of the problems that can determine whether a house sells or not, lies behind its walls. While the curb appeal is essential, it is very important to upgrade and…

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electrical wires

Understanding Electrical Wire Colors

In order to ensure the residents’, electricians’, and your appliance’s safety, it is important to understand electrical wire colors. The different colors indicate what that circuit’s purpose is. It is…

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