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smart thermostat

Everything You Need To Know About The Smart Thermostat

Are you considering a thermostat upgrade? The buzz behind ‘smart’ tech and home automation can’t be denied. But what’s the big benefit? How do smart homes work, and how exactly…

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Household Electrical Problems

10 Common Household Electrical Problems and Solutions

Our homes are full of electrical systems, including wiring, computer networks, and appliances. We all rely on electricity for most of our daily tasks, and every one of us will…

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DIY Electrical

Why DIY Electrical Work Isn’t Your Safest Bet

Homeowners often get a romantic idea of themselves as weekend warriors. Trips to the home improvement store, researching tutorials on YouTube and rolling up their sleeves to get to work….

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Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace: Should You Get One?

There is nothing like a cozy, inviting, and romantic home fireplace. The warmth, the flickering flames, the crackle of the fire in the wood, the glow. It all adds up…

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Electrical Design Plan

5 Stages of Residential Electrical Construction | East-West Electric

Each process of construction is directly or indirectly related to the other. Having a bit of knowledge about each one of these is imperative even if you specialize in only…

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Google Home Gadget

Best Smart Home Devices You Should Have | East-West Electric

Smart home gadgets let you do things such as turn your lights on using your smartphone, stream music to a speaker using Alexa, lock your doors remotely, clean your house,…

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Electrical Fire

Electrical Fire, Causes and How To Prevent It | East-West Electric

Did you know there’s a hidden danger in your home? It can’t get detected by your security system. Your dog won’t bark when it arrives, only when it’s starting to…

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Electrical Safety

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Appliances

As technological advances continue, our society has become dependent on  various appliances to make our lives easier. As great as these appliances are, they require a lot of energy, which…

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Electrical Safety Decives

The 5 Electrical Safety Devices You Need to Have Installed in Your Home

As you can tell here at East-West Electric we are big on electrical safety issues. As experienced residential and commercial electricians in Pinellas County we feel it is our responsibility…

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Fuse Box? | Electrician Clearwater, Pinellas County

At East-West Electric we believe in informing you on any electrical industry safety features that you may not be aware of. When it comes to electrical safety in your home,…

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