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smart electricity meter

4 Benefits of a Smart Electricity Meter

Smart electricity meters are getting more popular these days as electric companies keep adopting new technology in their communities. Yet, a lot of property owners don’t even know that their…

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volt reader

All You Need To Know About 240-volt Outlets

An outlet is a socket that works as a connector between the electrical device and the electric source. Easily put, it is where you plug in your computer, your TV,…

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wire electrical hacks

6 Electrical Hacks You Need To Know

With the recent pandemic in our country, many people have been spending large amounts of time in their homes. Some of these people have embarked on different DIY projects. Working…

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How Will My New TV Impact My Electricity Bill?

It’s very easy to understand how a big, high-draw appliance like a new hot tub or air conditioner can impact your electricity bill. However, your TV can cause an increase…

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Why Isn’t My Doorbell Working? | East-West Electric

Have you noticed your doorbell is not ringing anymore? This is actually a very common problem to have. Luckily, it can be tracked down to a number of sources. Let’s…

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motion sensor lighting

Everything You Need To Know About Motion Sensor Lighting

When you bought your home you may have spent a lot of money and energy trying to pick and install the right outdoor light fixtures. If you bought lights that…

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Electrician working

6 Electrician Secrets For Your Home

When you’re a homeowner, hiring an electrician is very common. However, there are people lucky enough to have never needed electrician services. Electricians are professionals who are highly skilled and…

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ceiling fan

Why Installing Home Ceiling Fans Is A Good Idea

Ceiling fans can be a new wonderful addition to your home. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also look very attractive and they improve a room’s look and…

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electric stove

Gas Ranges VS Electric Stove

If you’re currently building a home or remodeling the one you already own, you are expected to make countless decisions. One of the most important ones is whether to use…

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smoke detector

When To Replace Smoke Detectors And What If They Are Hardwired?

Once this pandemic we’re going through blows over, your home will become a gathering place of family and friends. With that in mind, it is also a good time to…

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