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How do you know if solar panels are worth installing in your home? The list of benefits is long and requires your full attention. Let’s go over the pros and cons of installing solar panels and we can help you out answering this question. Pros and Cons of Solar Panels  Advantages Lower Cost Of Electricity […]


Clearwater Solar Electrician

Clearwater Solar Electrician Explains Energy Reduction & Production Systems Using alternative sources of energy can be an economical, environmental, and independent way to power your home. By using a renewable source of energy, you increase America’s energy security while reducing pollution that is created from non-renewable energy sources. The great state of Florida is known […]


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Clearwater Electrician Explains Solar Benefits for Residential Homes Since Florida is known as the Sunshine state, you would expect its solar power situation to be one of the best in the nation. Unfortunately, the big electric companies have worked hard to suppress the rights of the citizens of Florida by limiting the laws and benefits […]

The Top 7 Questions When It Comes To Solar Panels

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A Clearwater Electrician in FL Explains Solar Panel Systems We had recently written a piece about the benefits of installing a solar panel system in your residential home. But did you know that solar panels could benefit your business as well? Commercial solar projects are on the rise. As we have explained before, the big […]

How Your Business Can Help Save Our Planet

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We are all aware of the global changes happening to our earth due to human consumption of its natural non-renewable resources. The latest findings in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report paints a brutal picture. The time to act is now and even the smallest change can have a major impact. As one […]