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If your company is considering erecting a new wing or building, there are many electrical components to consider, including basic electrical wiring, security networking, and energy efficiency improvements. Sifting through long lists of commercial electrical contractors to find the best one for your project can be exhausting and frustrating. Instead of going straight for the list, there are some actions you can take to help guide your search. Following these steps will help you choose the best commercial electrician for the job.

Define Your Commercial Electrical Project

The first step to take in this process is to figure out your wants and needs. Identify the details of the project and what that requires. Do you already have someone responsible for the design and just need an electrical contractor to execute on the plan, or do you need to hire someone who is experienced in all aspects of general contracting, including initial design, scheduling, final inspection, and ongoing maintenance? Does your project require any specialized services, such as fire alarms, voice, data, or security systems? Is it only indoors or is there an outdoor component such as landscape lighting, parking lot lighting, or external security? Putting these details together and compiling a list of requirements can narrow down your search. Also consider what timeline you’re looking at and your budget. Establishing these parameters can help you pinpoint which commercial electrical contractors can complete your project on time and within budget.

Consider Electrical Construction Experience

Once you’ve determined what your ideal commercial electrician Clearwater FL should be able to do, look for those who have expertise in these areas. Years of experience does indicate a high-quality contractor, but it’s important to understand modern needs. New commercial buildings must be wired for today’s electrical safety code standards. Much has changed over the past few decades due to an increase in power usage leading to the potential for fire and other hazards when using old electrical systems. Businesses today have vastly different energy needs than they did twenty years ago and it’s important to work with a commercial electrician who understands that. Many contractors are ‘good old boys’ who find value in tradition. While tradition does have value, it needs to be updated for the modern world. Modern electrical construction includes creating an infrastructure that can handle heavy equipment, advanced appliances, and large loads of computerized data.