Common Questions

The cost to install dockside power pedestals in Clearwater would depend on various factors including the type of pedestal and the complexity of the installation. For an accurate estimate, please get in touch with East-West Electric. You can call us at (727) 771-403 or use our cost-calculator

East-West Electric also specializes in the installation of shore power pedestals in Clearwater. Our team of trained professionals ensures a secure and efficient installation process.

Dock lights should be bright enough to ensure safety and visibility, but not so bright as to cause annoyance or glare. The brightness often depends on the size and type of boat, the location of the marina, and any nearby structures that may cast shadows. Speak to one of our dock experts at East-West Electric. 

Lighting a dock involves installing dock lights that provide adequate illumination for safety and navigation. LED dock lights are a popular choice due to their unmatched combination of brightness, energy efficiency, and safety.

As a top-rated marina electric company in Clearwater, FL, East-West Electric is experienced in installing boat lifts. We provide professional installation services to ensure your boat lift operates smoothly and safely. Contact us now for a quote.

The cost of dock electrical service can vary depending on several factors. Please contact East-West Electric for a detailed cost breakdown based on your specific needs. You can go through our cost-calculator form and receive an estimation very quickly.