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Storm Damage Relief

Storm Damage Relief

Restoring Florida Homes & Businesses affected by Storm Damage

The resilience of our Floridian friends can never be underestimated. From a recent report published by CNN (which you can find here) Florida has sustained 117 direct hits by hurricanes since recordings began. In relation to other states, that is almost twice as many major storms as have hit runner-up, Texas.

So why is Florida so susceptible to hurricanes and other storm damage phenomenon?

It is all to do with the geographic position that Florida is in. Atlantic hurricanes form over warm water in the tropics and will move west-northwest with the prevailing winds. With the southeastern US coast in their path, coupled with Florida having the longest coastline in this region make it the perfect target for major storms, such as Hurricane Irma most recently.

What makes Florida special?

It’s our indomitable spirit that makes us proud to call ourselves Floridians as we all rebuild and repair the damage left by these devastating storms. We at East-West Electric will repair or install generators, weather heads, electrical panels, electric motors, parking lot light poles, solar panels and storefront signage.

We’ve even worked with insurance companies to help take some of the pressure off. It’s going to take more than a hurricane to keep us from providing outstanding electrical service to Florida homeowners and businesses!

Has your home or business been affected by storm damage?

If your home or business has been affected by recent storm damage and you aren’t sure whom to turn to give us a call on the number below. We will get back to you promptly. We will visit the site to assess the full damage and provide an estimate for the repairs involved. We pride ourselves in our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

(727) 771-9403

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EAST-WEST ELECTRIC, INC. Unlike most companies, we handle design, approval, drawings for permitting, and installation – jobs that usually require three different companies. Choose us as your Florida electricians whether you want to install a new electrical panel, rewire an older home, or fix a single electrical outlet. Big or small, we get the job done!


Our service team strives to complete every project for your home safely, on budget, and on time. Services we offer include panel & lighting upgrades, home automation, custom internal & external surveillance systems, circuit troubleshooting, and many other improvements to make your home a better place to live.
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EAST-WEST ELECTRIC, INC. has been involved in Florida commercial construction since it’s inception in 1987. Completed electrical projects include retail spaces, medical office buildings, surgery centers (AHCA), car washes, refrigerated warehouses, generators, automatic transfer systems, and many more.
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We understand the importance of being environmentally responsible. From design to installation and commissioning, we offer turnkey solutions through solar, LED, and building management software to optimize your facility’s energy usage, and we provide maintenance and repair service long after install.
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