5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Be Making

Your New Year’s resolutions often include going to the gym, eating healthier, being kinder to the people around you, etc. But, these usually stop by February. On the other hand, there are some easy habits you can adopt this 2020 to ensure your and your loved ones’ electrical safety. 


New Year’s Resolutions To Keep In Mind This 2020


#1 Check Your Smoke Alarms Once A Month

There is a quick and easy task you can add to your monthly schedule that can double your chances of not being a victim in a house fire. It only takes one minute to do. What is it? Checking your smoke alarms! All you need to do is push a button once a month, listen to a beep, and that’s it. As easy as that.

#2 Stop Buying Cheap Phone Chargers

After spending a couple of hundred dollars for a phone, it’s tempting to save a little bit of money when it comes to replacing a worn-out charger. You would think phone chargers are not dangerous, right?

Actually, they can be really dangerous. About 98% of them can potentially cause electric shock or start a fire. It’s scary to think about that happening. Especially when you think about how much you use your phone while it’s charging, or how you leave it charging overnight.

Using a fake charger could also destroy your phone completely. So buying a cheap phone charger can save you a couple of dollars but in the end, it could end up costing you way more in the long term.

#3 Stop Overloading Your Sockets

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the New Year’s Resolution you had in mind, but read on.

It’s easy to plug in all the appliances you own when you have the socket space. Especially when you have adaptors as well. But, just because you can plug in all of them, doesn’t mean it’s always safe to do it.

Just remember to only use one extension lead per socket and never connect extension leads with each other. That will only get you in trouble. You can install additional sockets if you regularly need to use all your appliances. But, remember to hire a registered electrician to do all the installation work.

#4 Have a Whole-House Surge Protector Installed

Power surges can happen when you least know it during a stormy night, or due to a random power company disruption. Power surges can destroy every electronic device that crosses it and it can even cause fires as well. It’s terrible when your computer dies, but it’s even worse when you lose all your personal information and content as well.

In order to reduce power surge damage, make sure you have a whole house surge projector installed by East-West Electric. This can help protect your telephone and cable lines. It will also ensure both main and secondary zones be protected from any surges and will absorb any excess power that slips through the primary protection.

#5 Check On Your Older Relatives, Friends, And Neighbors More Often

There is a higher risk for older people when electrical accidents happen. This is partly due to old houses that contain faulty electrics and appliances. There are about one million people over 75 years old that live in homes that need repair or that don’t have modern facilities. These homes can become dangerous if they don’t meet electrical safety standards.

For older people, dementia or Parkinson’s disease can increase the risk of an electrical accident. These health conditions cause reduced memory and mobility. So if you’re worried about an older neighbor or relative, make sure you check on them regularly. You could be saving their lives!

The Best New Year’s Resolutions At East-West Electric

At East-West Electric, we hope these New Year’s resolutions are helpful to make your coming year safer. If you need commercial or residential electrical services and/or installations, give East-West Electric a call at (727) 771-9403 and we will give you a free quote! We wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at East-West Electric!


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