East-West Electric provides electricians for your dock or marina’s electrical and power needs. We are experts in maintenance as well as new installations. Contact our team for assistance with shore power, boat lifts, metering, and lighting.

We provide innovative solutions to your marina’s power needs, including shore power, boat lifts, and metering. We can maintain your system at its peak performance by optimizing generators, switchboards, and wiring. 

Our lighting design team can improve the look and feel of your dock or marina with quality and long-lasting lighting fixtures. We offer installations of every type of safety, underwater, LED, and area lights.

State Of The Art Equipment

We can assist you as well with shore power hook-up, using both European and US system configurations.  Our certified technicians can service all of your marina’s electrical needs. 

As new technologies reach the yachting world, look to East-West Electric for hybrid green power systems. Our team of specialists is constantly learning about the latest developments and looking into how to adapt them for marine use.

Our Marine Services:

We fully install, retrofit, wire, and fully service marinas, boat yards, and docks of all types. 

For all your marina, docks, and shore power needs, East-West Electric is the right choice. 

• Service trucks close to the local marinas

• Troubleshooting of charging and shore power systems

• Design and installation of every marine electrical system including:

◦ Shore power ― Find power available and distribute it to many pedestals at wet slips across the marina.

◦ Boat lifts ― Wire boat lifts across the marina.

◦ Metering ― Provide pedestals with metering built in for easy tracking of tenant power usage.

◦ Lighting ― Improve the security and safety of the marina and docks with improved lighting both above and below water.


At East-West Electric, we offer electrical services, including marina electrical services. Our experienced team consists of highly trained engineers and electricians who understand the electrical requirements to keep a marina running correctly.

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Docks and Shore Power

We have the training and experience to do the job right with the highest quality of materials and precision wiring. It doesn’t matter if you need repair, maintenance, lighting installations, or boat dock lift installations; we can deliver superior services. 

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East-West Electric Reviews

“I had a very positive experience with East-West Electric from the many phone calls back and forth to the final completion of my new electrical panel. The turnaround time was amazing. Everyone I dealt with was professional and friendly. The electricians were punctual and polite, and the process was clearly explained to me. The price I was quoted for the job was what I was expecting with no surprises in the end. I recommend East-West without hesitation.”

Have a Project in Mind?

You can contact us via our online contact form, email, or phone call. Please be prepared to explain the project that you need help with. We will be able to offer you an estimate when we acquire a greater understanding.