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iphone charger plug

What Causes A Dead Outlet

Imagine you plug in your iPhone and nothing happens. You try to fix the problem on your phone in a number of different ways until you figure out that the…

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weather conditions

The Weather and Energy Usage

The relationship between energy usage and the weather is a perpetual cycle. As temperatures go up or down, energy use will also increase or decrease because of a variety of…

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christmas lights

Christmas Lights 101

The best way to start feeling that holiday spirit is by installing Christmas lights, as well as displays, figures, and scenes. You can always install them yourself or hire a…

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restaurant lights

The Best 5 Commercial Lighting Trends in 2021

For some industries, 2021 was a rebuilding year. The lighting industry keeps on being innovative. And, its products transcend how people see lighting for more eco-friendly options. Contractors and facilities…

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pool lights

Why Are My Pool Lights Dim?

A pool in your backyard provides years of unlimited fun for your entire family. Every gathering gets more exciting when there’s a pool on the premises. The sultry Clearwater evenings…

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group of friends enjoying an outdoor hot tub

Should I Hire an Electrician For a Hot Tub Installation?

It’s all over the internet, articles that say how easy it is to DIY a hot tub wiring, or why you don’t need an electrician to do this. But, a…

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lightbulb off in a blue and yellow background

Why Electricity Needs To Be Grounded

Electricity is a vital resource for everyone. People can’t power their electronic devices, cool or heat their homes, or even perform basic activities without electricity. That said, electricity is very…

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large home in the woods with landscape lighting

8 Tips for Landscape Lighting

If you’re thinking about diving into landscape lighting, your goal should be to place all this lighting strategically so you can highlight your favorite areas of your home. Good lighting…

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bathroom lighting idea

Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Every Style

The right type of lighting can make any space and room better, including your bathroom. Most people start their day in the bathroom and want it to feel like a…

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recessed lighting in the ceiling

5 Things You Should Know About Recessed Lighting

It doesn’t matter how your home is designed, having bad lighting can kill the mood. Having recessed lighting in your home is a good option that can fix that. However,…

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