Preventive Electrical Maintenance

If you depend on electrical equipment, you need it to run properly. Consider preventive electrical maintenance services to prevent failures, downtime, and interruptions. The reality is that one ill-timed arc flash can cause a disaster. On the other hand, with advances in preventative maintenance technology and tools, more than 65% of system-induced power outages can be prevented by regularly scheduled maintenance on all of your business’s electrical systems and equipment.

Preventive Electrical Maintenance

EPM stands for electrical preventive maintenance, and it is a program of regular service of equipment and regular inspection to detect potential issues and to take the right corrective measures through the right work process controls.

High-quality EPM is absolutely necessary for commercial facilities, especially industrial ones. Whenever an issue shuts down a manufacturing plant, call center, or warehouse operation, minute by minute, the loss of dollars adds up. Chaos takes over, and there is no time to wonder if lack of or improper maintenance was the reason for the shutdown.

Preventing Problems Before They Happen

Fortunately, you can depend on East-West Electric to identify problems before they happen. We use the latest thermal imaging technology. With thorough infrared thermal imaging and site surveys, we are able to improve energy efficiency, detect faulty electrical wiring, and identify hot spots that may cause an electrical fire. The solution may be as easy as fixing a single breaker in the service panel, but if it’s located early, it can prevent a manufacturing disruption disaster.

How Can East-West Electric Help With Preventive Maintenance?

At East-West Electric, we believe our customers are our best asset. This is why we perform preventative measures with the highest priority. When you compare the high costs of major power outages with the small cost of preventative maintenance, you’ll likely see why preventative maintenance is imperative – that’s why we give our customers the best systems possible to allow them to succeed in their area of business. Given our reputation and long history, we are able to partner with manufacturers to help provide only the best possible solutions to our clients. 

Every client has different needs, and we can customize your program. That said, here are a few of the services we offer our customers:

  • Testing the oil in transformers
  • Re-torquing/cleaning of existing equipment
  • Application of anti-oxidation materials to diminish corrosion
  • Inspection of connections
  • Testing of breakers and trip mechanisms
  • Lubrication of service breakers
  • Lamp and ballast replacements
  • Documentation of the work done, and scheduling of future work
  • Meetings with the client as required in order to address specific issues

Preventive Electrical Maintenance in Pinellas County & Beyond

From analyzing the commercial property’s electrical fluids – like the oil found in transformers – to detecting small cracks in insulation, you need proactive electrical maintenance you can trust. 

East-West Electric’s expertise in preventive electrical maintenance ensures that your commercial property’s electrical system remains reliable, efficient, and safe. Our team of skilled electricians is dedicated to providing top-notch maintenance services tailored to meet the unique needs of your electrical infrastructure.

We understand the importance of proactive maintenance in preventing costly breakdowns, ensuring safety, and extending the lifespan of your electrical components. Our experts are here to perform regular inspections, identify potential issues, and recommend timely repairs or replacements to keep your system running smoothly.

Trust East-West Electric for your preventive electrical maintenance needs and experience the difference that our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction can make in maintaining a dependable and secure commercial environment.

Contact us today to discuss your preventive maintenance requirements and let us help you protect your investment in your property’s electrical system.

East-West Electric Reviews

“I had a very positive experience with East-West Electric from the many phone calls back and forth to the final completion of my new electrical panel. The turnaround time was amazing. Everyone I dealt with was professional and friendly. The electricians were punctual and polite, and the process was clearly explained to me. The price I was quoted for the job was what I was expecting with no surprises in the end. I recommend East-West without hesitation.”

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