Property Maintenance

Property maintenance involves tracking the proper repair, replacement, and care of numerous parts of a property. The electrical system is one of those parts that should never be neglected so hiring an experienced property maintenance electrician is vital.  

Good Property Management Includes Condition of Tenant Electrical Systems

It can lead to dangerous hazards for guests, tenants, and also the risk of fires. At East-West Electric, we can look into every component of the electrical system to determine if things are working as they should or provide you with an immediate solution to an existing problem. Keeping the outlets, switches, electrical panels, electrical wiring, and other components in great condition is imperative in lease and rental situations. Retail buildings and other rental spaces come with the expectation that the electrical system is dependable and safe.

By performing repairs and routine maintenance, you can:

  • Reduce electrocution hazards and increase safety
  • Maintain buildings to code
  • Keep properties secure
  • Reduce fire hazards
  • Decrease power failures
  • Eliminate tenant complaints

Our Property Maintenance Services

Many contemporary properties have chosen to go all-electric with water heaters, heat and A/C, and appliances. This type of practice places a heavy load on the breaker and wiring system. The electrical system should undergo periodic inspections for potential or existing problems that can be fixed right away. At East-West Electric we can:

  • Upgrade and repair service panels
  • Add dedicated plugs for appliances and equipment
  • Replace faulty wiring
  • Change non-working or loose switches and outlets
  • Add, repair, or move light fixtures
  • Improve or add outdoor lighting
  • Add entryway lighting and security lights
  • Install power to electric water heaters, HVAC units, and more

We Offer Complete Electrical Property Maintenance Services

It is normal to look up an electrician online and give them a call when experiencing an issue. However, having a dedicated electrical contractor that can perform the routine maintenance of the electrical system will help prevent breakdowns. A complete diagnostic of the current electrical system and wiring of the electrical components can save you headaches and property damage. You can stay confident that the entire property is operating safely and up to code.

Keep Your Property Safe

As a commercial property owner, you are responsible for keeping the property safe for your residents, employees, or customers. Having an electrician perform regular electrical maintenance will help ensure that the property is always as safe as possible. Even the smallest issues with the electrical system can result in a hazard, and you can easily be held accountable for any injuries or damage.

Keep Your Electrical Equipment Reliable

No matter what kind of business you have, the electrical system is probably what runs it every day. Maintaining all your machines, appliances, outlets, and electrical equipment will save you from any accidents or mishaps and ensure that all electrical equipment is working properly all the time.

Prevent Major Electrical Problems

Even if your appliances and electrical system are working properly, there may be a serious problem developing in any part of the electrical system. We can identify these issues and repair them before it’s too late.

Why You Need an Experienced Property Maintenance Electrician

A property maintenance electrician experienced in tenant improvement can check the detailed areas that can potentially jeopardize the property from electrical fires or cause harm to tenants. Our electricians are experts in every phase of commercial buildings. We can also help you reduce energy costs with improved fixtures and lighting techniques. Dependable electrical sources and lighting will keep your tenants happy.

We offer our services at a competitive price and only provide the highest quality. Contact East-West Electric today to schedule property maintenance services.

Property Maintenance Electrician in Pinellas County

East-West Electric’s team of skilled property maintenance electricians is dedicated to providing top-notch services that ensure the reliability and safety of your commercial electrical systems. We understand the importance of regular maintenance in preventing costly breakdowns, ensuring the safety of your tenants and visitors, and maintaining an efficient and functional work environment. Our experts are here to address all aspects of your commercial property’s electrical system, from routine inspections and repairs to upgrades and emergency services. Trust East-West Electric for your property maintenance electrician needs and experience the difference that our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction can make in keeping your commercial property’s electrical systems in optimal condition. Contact us today to discuss your property maintenance requirements and let us help you maintain a safe and efficient electrical infrastructure for your commercial property.

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