The Benefits Of Led Lighting For Businesses

Outdoor and indoor lighting is basically essential to business activities. Like many other essentials, commercial lighting goes hand in hand with an unavoidable, ongoing cost. So why not make a change that’s good for the environment as well as for your bottom line? As a commercial and industrial electrician company, we understand the importance and benefits of LED lighting – particularly for business that has extensive lighting needs. At East-West Electric we offer LED lighting for businesses.

Let’s go over the six benefits of LED lighting for businesses.

Benefits of LED Lighting For Businesses

#1 LED Lights Save You Money

There are two main ways in which LED lights can save users money. The first one is pretty obvious, in that they are way more energy efficient than any other lighting option. Additionally, LEDs have lower maintenance costs since they eliminate the need for replacing bulbs. In the long term, these savings make up for their higher initial cost. 

#2 LED Lasts Longer

The life cycle of LED lights is around ten thousand hours, which is extremely longer than incandescent light bulbs. Light output is consistent, unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Even when they exceed the rated number of hours, LED lights still produce enough light when they begin to fade.

#3 LEDs Work Better For Lighting

LED lights provide generally a better accuracy of light and better quality. These lights provide sharper focus, enhanced ambient lighting to improve the appearance of your facility, optimal color rendering, and give employees and customers a better experience overall. This improvement in LED lighting for businesses also helps improve worker productivity and safety, making it way easier to avoid hazards and mistakes.

#4 LEDs Provide an Overall Better Work Environment

LED lighting is less tiring on your eyes given is glare-free. This is why business owners love how it increases employee satisfaction and improves workplace productivity. Additionally, these lights are more accurate and improve the safety of workers given their higher visibility. Also, unlike mercury-filled fluorescent lamps, LED lights don’t shatter nor contain toxic materials.

#5 Easy Upgrades

Upgrading to LED lighting has never been easier. From full-on replacement fixtures to drop-in bulbs that work with your existing lighting, upgrading to LEDs is a pretty straightforward process. In a lot of cases, installation is very simple since they don’t require ballasts or extra equipment for support. This is because these fixtures have everything they need to operate already equipped.

#6 Energy-Sufficient

By efficiently reducing CO2 emissions and converting them into light, LED lights can cut energy consumption up to 70% therefore good for the environment. Depending on the size of the light, this can save a company enough to cover the upgrading costs in a matter of months. These lights will continue to pay annual dividends in energy savings.

Businesses That Benefit From LED Lighting

  • Warehouse and Industrial
  • Office Buildings
  • Crane and Safety
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Education
  • Municipal
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Gaming and Casino
  • Food Production Applications

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LED Lighting Upgrading Services in Clearwater FL

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