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At East-West Electric, we install and service a wide variety of new commercial construction electrical lighting applications. From installing electrical wiring into new offices and buildings to phone lines to industrial breaker boxes, we can meet all of your commercial electric needs. 

Our specialty lies in commercial lighting solutions. If you’re in need of a commercial lighting contractor, please call us at: (727) 771-9403.

Commercial Lighting Projects in Pinellas & Hillsborough County

Outdoor Commercial Lighting ​

Well-designed, installed, and maintained outdoor lighting is the most visible sign of your commitment to public safety. Poorly-lit parking lots and walkways invite theft and other criminal activity. Properly lit areas deter crime and may reduce accidents, ensuring your tenants and visitors feel safe on your premises. Property owners and managers know when it comes to security and outdoor lighting maintenance, nothing has an immediate impact on the value of your commercial or industrial property as well-designed and properly maintained outdoor lighting. 


We also install outdoor lighting for residential properties.

Parking Lot Lighting

Some of the most common projects that we come across have to do with parking lot lighting. This involves the installation, repair, & replacement of these commercial-sized fixtures. Learn more about the 10 reasons to install LED parking lot lights at your commercial property.


The team at East-West Electric will create your tailor-made lighting plan that provides the quality of light you need while meeting your operational goals. 

Indoor Commercial Lighting

Your indoor lighting solutions will be tailor-made for your indoor space by the experienced team at East-West Electric. From adding additional lighting to your warehouse to upgrading office lighting, our team has the expertise to create your plan for indoor lighting that provides the styling, efficiency, and energy performance you need for your indoor spaces.

Indoor environments with excellent lighting start with an expert plan.

Sports Courts Lighting Repair & Replacement

East-West Electric offers lighting solutions for indoor/outdoor tennis courts and other selected specialty sports applications. Our sharp cutoff outdoor sports lighting products limit environmental impact by reducing glare, light spillage, and sky glow. Our indoor & outdoor sports lighting products provide high performance and energy efficiency. 


Sports that we specialize in are as follows:

Tennis Court Lighting

Are your tennis court lights in need of repair or replacement? Are you undertaking a tennis court construction project and need court lighting poles installed? Contact our tennis court lighting contractor in Pinellas County, FL. We’ll be able to quote you over the phone on how much the project will cost and the estimated time of completion. 

Basketball Court Lighting

East-West Electric is the top-rated basketball court lighting contractor in Clearwater, FL. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor basketball court, we’ve experience in repairing the current structures, a complete replacement project, or simply updating the lightbulbs. Fill out the form above or simply call us at (727) 771-9403.

Driving Range Lighting

One of our storm relief projects was repairing & restoring the famous Chi Chi Rodriguez driving range and sports complex. Due to the severe damage sustained because of Hurricane Irma, our team had to replace the entire lighting system for the driving range, as it was both inadequate & a safety hazard. Click here to read more about our driving range restoration project

Beyond the product, East-West Electric is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled support in lighting design, program, and field support.

Hospitality Commercial Lighting (Hotels & Apartment Complexes) in the Greater Tampa Area

Creating a unique and memorable experience for every guest is key to ensuring customer loyalty. At the same time, a focus on costs and sustainable solutions is important to your bottom line. With East-West Electric, you can welcome, guide, and entertain every visitor who walks through your door – all while saving on energy and operational costs.


Lighting transforms environments and draws visitors into dynamic experiences. Lighting provides the impact and excitement needed to make properties stand out from the competition. From personalized lighting to wayfinding and displays, we will help make your hotel or restaurant a destination to remember. 


To help you make an educated decision, our experts will assess your current lighting needs and equipment. You will receive a detailed assessment of your facility or project from the data collected on-site and a tailored solution to meet your goals and your budget.