East-West Electric, Inc


East-West Electric is a team of commercial electricians in Clearwater FL. Without electricity, you simply can’t do business. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to modernize for today’s technology, East-West Electric has licensed commercial electrical contractors and technicians fully qualified to meet all of your electrical needs. Our extensive electrical projects portfolio includes the following:

Commercial Electrican

Huddle Rooms

You don’t have time to waste on faulty technology or gathering people from across the globe. We fully customize your conference rooms with the latest in technology. Imagine preparing your conference room for a presentation with a single touch of a button. Lights turn down, shades pulled, audio and video systems on, temperature set. You spend your time thinking about what you’re presenting rather than how to present it.

Integration and Automation 

Using Crestron and ATI automation systems, we integrate and automate all your office systems together, making your work spaces work for you with efficiency and ease.

Generator and Transfer System Design

Storms don’t have to leave you in the dark, closing business until the power company shows up. No matter what’s going on outside, our generators keep the power on so you can continue business as usual.

LED Lighting Upgrades for Office, Store or Parking Lot

LED lights provide greater efficiency and lower maintenance. Replace all or a few main lighting areas with LED lights and watch how much you save in energy costs and maintenance. With a lifespan rating of 50,000, you’ll require less trips up the ladder to change the bulb. Replace bulbs less frequently, brighten your spaces, and save money. Sysco Foods, Ace Hardware, and The International Plaza and Bay Street are some of our LED parking lot upgrade clients.

Service and Panel Installations and Upgrades 

With more and more technology comes a greater need for more outlets and breakers. We’ll bring your home up to the 21st Century and keep it up to date for decades to come.

Circuit Troubleshooting

When the electrical system in your commercial facility isn’t working properly, we’ll find the problem and get it fixed.

Grid Connected Solar Panels 

Solar energy provides the most economical way to power your place of business. Our goal is to install enough solar panels to provide all the electricity you need, making the electric company your back-up electricity provider. Your panels are connected to the electric company grid so if it rains for days on