Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Every Style

The right type of lighting can make any space and room better, including your bathroom. Most people start their day in the bathroom and want it to feel like a peaceful, clean sanctuary, a place where they can unwind and relax. There are different lighting ideas for bathrooms that can turn them into a luxurious spa. 

The light fixtures you choose for your bathroom depend not only on your own personal taste but also on the size of the room and even the electrical panel size. It is very important to light a small bathroom properly. The darker the space, the smaller it feels.

Check out the following bathroom lighting ideas.

#1 Different Types Of Bathroom Light Fixtures

One way to make your bathroom look better and achieve that open, bright space is to combine different styles of bathroom light fixtures. You can separate fixtures to light different areas of the bathroom and even use recessed lights.

You can use pendant lights over the bathroom vanity. There are different styles and types and you can find the one that fits your bathroom’s decor.

You can also combine the pendants and the recessed lights with a chandelier over the tub. All of these extra lighting fixtures will help light up specific tasks and give you ambient lighting, without lighting up the entire room.

#2 Lighted Mirrors in Bathroom

If your bathroom is small it is highly likely that you are focusing on lighting the entire room. However, it is a good idea to also focus on your vanity. Illuminating your bathroom’s vanity with a ceiling light can lead to splotchy lighting and shadows. This is why we recommend a lighted mirror. 

You don’t need a bigger space for bathroom light fixtures when you can get the light from a mirror for your vanity.  This is a practical solution that comes in a range of sizes and shapes that match your style. 

#3 Pendant Bathroom Lights

A pendant light is very popular and can be very stylish in many spaces, not only the bathroom. Because of their big range of styles and shapes, they are a wonderful choice for any bathroom. A lot of pendants have metallic finishes or brass shades and mixing metals can be a great solution to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic.

If metallic pendants are too industrial or modern for you, you can also pick a chandelier. Even if your bathroom is small, there are small chandeliers that can give your bathroom a more luxurious feel.

This type of fixture diffuses soft light, giving you a romantic and relaxing glow.

#4 Under Cabinet Lights

Like we said, if your bathroom is small you need to be creative when it comes to lighting ideas. Every surface space matters when there isn’t much of it. That is why it is best to not overlook the area beneath the countertops or cabinets. You can easily illuminate these areas with some under cabinet lights.

These would work just like the ones in a kitchen, illuminating a specific area of the bathroom but also being part of the entire room illumination. This will make the room feel bigger. 

#5 Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

The best to provide illumination in a bathroom are ceiling lights. Even if you already added a chandelier or pendant lights for ambient lighting, you still need ceiling lights. A flush mount ceiling light is perfect if you like the minimalist look.

This type of light fixture is great for contemporary or modern bathrooms, they usually feature clean, sleek lines that blend seamlessly with any room style. The diffuser distributes the light evenly, keeping the bathroom well-lit. These are also great for making a room feel bigger and more open.

Bathroom Lighting Installation Contractors in Clearwater, FL

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