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Have you noticed your doorbell is not ringing anymore? This is actually a very common problem to have. Luckily, it can be tracked down to a number of sources. Let’s dive into the most common ones in Florida.

#1 Faulty Button

This is the number one cause of doorbell electrical failures. A faulty button can be fixed by removing the button and checking the wires in the back. They should be making contact once the button is pushed. If one is not working properly or is out of place, that’s definitely the problem. That not it? Try making the two wires touch and see if your doorbell rings. If it does ring, then the button is the problem and you should just buy a new one. If the issue is with wiring, it will definitely be a job for our East-West electricians.

#2 Bell Unit

The next common cause is the bell unit or chimes housing. Look for anything obvious when you remove the cover. If you see anything that is not attached securely where it should be, or if you see anything worn or corroded. If you can’t really notice anything, you will want to take an electrical connection test with a low-voltage tester.

Connect the tester to the common terminal and of the terminals of the doorbell, then press the doorbell button. If the tester lights up but you don’t hear a ring, the bell unit is the problem. Sometimes you can a unit working by cleaning thoroughly. It is very common for small insects to nest there. But if not, then you should replace it.

#3 Transformer

If you didn’t have any trouble in the bell unit or with the button, you should look at the transformer and see if it has any issues. This is where you find higher voltages of general home electricity. So test it with a low-voltage tester in some screw terminals. If this turns out to be the problem, it is definitely time to call one of our electricians at East-West Electric.

#4 Wires

If you didn’t find out any issues with the button, the bell unit, or the transformer, then what’s left to check is the wiring. Even the smallest disruption in the wiring can prevent the doorbell from ringing.

#5 Improper Installation

Some people try to install their own doorbells from scratch. However, they can find that it doesn’t work properly after trying their best to install it. This installation is one that is best left to the experts at East-West Electric. Even if doorbells operate on low voltage, it is always risky for someone who is not an electrician to repair a doorbell.

Fix Your Doorbell Issues With Our Home Electricians

When your doorbell isn’t ringing it’s always best to hire an electrician from East-West Electric to come and check it out. We can diagnose the problem and fix it properly. We can also install a new doorbell safely, and effectively. Contact us at (727) 771-9403 today!


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