10 Childproofing Tips For Your Home | Electrical Hazards

We all know the incredible versatility electricity has, and how unlimited its use is. You also know that if you don’t handle it cautiously it can result in serious injuries or even death. If you’re a parent, you know children and babies go about your home freely and can easily get in contact with electrical appliances or other components and it can be really dangerous. So make sure you protect your kids by childproofing your home from electrical hazards. 

Electrical Hazards Can Come In Many Forms

Electrical hazards are something you should take seriously because they can cause serious injuries and even property damage. This is why is really important to conduct home inspections by going from room to room checking every electrical device and make sure it’s all in optimal condition. For example, electrical hazards can come in different ways, but the most common is from exposed electrical outlets and exposed wiring.

In addition, if you identify any of these issues they should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Remember it is important that you go down on your hands and knees when you are conducting your investigation because doing this will give you a visual perspective of how children see it. In addition to these tips, you should also look at the five electrical safety devices for your home.

Tips For Childproofing Your Home

#1  Ensure that the contact numbers and details for the family doctor, ambulance and other emergency services and the nearest hospital are clearly written and kept next to the home telephone. Alternatively or as well, these numbers should be stored in your contacts list of your mobile telephone.

#2  Similarly, every home should have a first aid kit. Above all, this should be in a place that is known to all household occupants and a place that is easy to access.

#3  It is very wise to keep a small fire hydrant in the home in the event that there is an accidental fire.

#4  The importance of household safety switches should never be underestimated. Make sure your switchboard has a safety switch and all powerpoints are protected. This is really important and must be done, even if they are covered by furniture. It is amazing how skilled children are at reaching the seemingly ‘impossible to reach’ places.


#5 All appliances should be switched off at the power point. In addition, they should also certainly be kept well out of the reach of children.

#6  Ensure that electrical cords do not dangle over or off counters. They can be pulled on by the little ones.


#7  All electrical appliances should be stored on high shelves or cupboards. Make sure you place all bathroom appliances inside a cabinet after using them. They should be well out of the reach of young children.

#8 Be extra careful not to mix electricity and water. Make sure your electrical products are not plugged into a power outlet near a water source.


#9 Garages are typically filled with a variety of items that are dangerous to young children. This is why garages are not an ideal place for children. They should certainly never be left in there unsupervised.

#10 Power drills and other large electrical devices that may be kept in the garage should be unplugged. Therefore, they should also be stored well away from power outlets.

Need Help Childproofing Your Home From Electrical Hazards?

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