9 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Electrical Safety

Every household is riddled with numerous electrical appliances such as televisions, ovens, refrigerators, etc. As a homeowner you must be aware of their electrical needs and if they are facing any electrical problems. Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe and safety from electrical accidents should be on top of the list. Let us look at some electrical tips that every homeowner should know to ensure high safety.


Turn off all the appliances when you change the fuse

You will have to change the fuse a few years after its installation. However, remember to turn off all the appliances when you do so. This will make sure that if there are any problems while changing the fuse or if it starts burning, your appliances stay safe.


Don’t change the fuse in the dark

Always use a flashlight or torch while changing the fuse. Never attempt to do it in dim lighting or in the dark as it puts you at the risk of touching a live wire. If there is any problem present, you wouldn’t know in the darkness and it might lead to a serious accident. ALWAYS work with proper lighting.


Replace the fuse with the same rating

If you have to replace the fuse, make sure you replace the fuse with the same rating. By not doing so, you will be putting all your appliances at risk. If the fuse cannot handle the current passing through it, it will malfunction or blow up, thus damaging your appliances connected to the fuse.


Keep the cords away from moisture and heat

This is a no-brainer. Anything remotely connected to electricity must be kept away from moisture and water. This applies to the cords as well. Make sure you keep the cords away from water as well as heat. The latter may cause the cord to melt, exposing the live wire within or causing the cord to fray — both of which are dangerous.


Unplug electrical gadgets if you are not using them

It is always a good idea to unplug all the electrical gadgets when they are not in use. Keep them away from water and never operate them with wet hands.


Use electric lawnmower on dry grass only

If you use an electric lawnmower to cut down grass in your garden, make sure that the grass is dry before mowing it down. Wet grass poses a risk to electrical lawnmowers for obvious reasons.


Replace worn out or damaged cords and plugs

If the cords or plugs of appliances are damaged or worn out, replace them immediately. You may get electrical shocks through such plugs and there is also a risk of a fire being started.


Keep a fire extinguisher handy

Using a fire extinguisher is the best way to put out a fire. It isn’t advised to use water as it conducts electricity. Keep a fire extinguisher on each level of your home. You must know how to use them and when to replace them. Be sure to pay close attention to the expiry and service dates of your fire extinguisher.


Importance of Outlet Temperatures

Place your hands over all the outlets in your home and feel if they are hot or warm. If they are, they indicate several dangerous scenarios — an electrical load on the circuit is too high, the wiring is loose or it is melting, all of which require immediate attention. Also, check if the outlets are fitted properly or not. In case they are loose or feel warm/hot, it is time to call a local Clearwater electrician immediately.


Electrical Safety Contractors in Clearwater, FL

Never try to do any repair work on your own as electrical work is inherently dangerous. Always call licensed electricians and professionals if you think there is an electrical problem in the house. Lastly, ensure that all the electrical systems in your home are safe and up to code. If you know that your family is safe from electrical hazards, you will be able to sleep peacefully at night. If you would like a residential electrical safety inspection, you can call us at (727) 771-9403 now, or find our contact information here.



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