4 Benefits of a Smart Electricity Meter

Smart electricity meters are getting more popular these days as electric companies keep adopting new technology in their communities. Yet, a lot of property owners don’t even know that their electricity meter is being upgraded. Other homeowners may know that they have a smart electricity meter but are not really sure what the difference is. At East-West Electric, we provide the best commercial and residential electrical services including electrical inspections and smart home device integrations, among many others. 

Do you know what kinds of benefits a smart electricity meter provides? Read on to learn more.

What Makes a Smart Electricity Meter Different? 

A smart meter function is to record the amount of electric power consumed in your home. Conventional meters that are analog, have spinning dials to record how much energy is used and are periodically read by people who work in electric companies. Employees park by hour home and walk home by home to write down numbers on a form. Since most electric companies just have so many employees but more and more customers, meter reader only records a household’s measurements once every other month. The amount of electricity that they don’t read is just estimated for that month.

Smart electricity meters, on the other hand, use two-way radio signals, much like how cellphones transmit the information directly to the electric company. This means there is no estimation of your power usage and you get more accurate information in your monthly bill.

4 Benefits of Smart Meters

There are a number of benefits that homeowners can enjoy once their electric company upgrades them to smart meters. Here are the most significant four:

#1 More Data

Both electric companies and homeowners receive detailed and exact information about how much energy they use. This can help communities reduce energy consumption, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint.

#2 Better Accuracy

Consumers can enjoy accurate data and save money in the long term. This is because their billing is no longer dependent on the average energy consumption of the previous month.

#3 Cost Saving for the Electric Company

Having in-person reading employees is not very cost-effective. By upgrading to smart meters, the electric company can reduce their operating costs and pass on the savings to their customers.

#4 Power Outage Detection

Electric companies can easily and quickly detect if there is a power outage in a certain area because of the real-time changes in their data. This means there is a faster solution turnaround for electrical issues for home and business owners,

Looking For Ways Of Monitoring Energy Usage?

Is your electric company not adopting a smart electricity meter? Don’t worry, you can still have it installed in your electric panel. This way you will find out information about how much energy you have used and found out ways how to save money in the long term. 

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