5 Lighting Design Tips To Help Your Business

Did you know you can drastically improve the look of your business with proper lighting design? 

Lighting can help you highlight the different features of your landscape, and use the outside of your business after dark. It’s also helpful to improve the safety around your business because everything will be lit up and it will reduce the risk of injuries. 

If you’re thinking of improving your landscape lighting design, here are some ideas from our expert lighting designers.


#1 Light Your Business’s Top Locations

Take a look around the outdoors of your business and take note of which areas would work best with proper lighting. It can help your business look more captivating by highlighting features in your landscape. You can also light other areas for function, for example, making the area safer and preventing accidents.


#2 Keep In Mind Future Upgrades

You need to think about the future, the lighting design you do doesn’t stop there. Your lights will need to be able to adapt as your business changes and grows. For example, if you have maintenance done you can use stakes to lift your lights and minimize damage. A good tip is to leave some slack wire if your lights are placed in trees. This way, there’s is no reason to rewire your lighting fixture once the tree grows.


#3 Mix Different Lighting Techniques

Your landscape will require different types of lighting, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have the same type. What makes a good lighting design is knowing which techniques each area requires. By using the right techniques you can create lighting that is appealing for people to visit. There are a number of different lighting techniques:


  • Up-Lighting: Ground-mounted lighting fixtures that aim upward. Often used to light statues, trees, walls, and fountains.
  • Down Lighting: Lighting fixtures that are pointed downward and placed on trees and walls. This is meant to mimic the look of a full moon shining down on your landscape.
  • Path Lighting: This style of lighting helps improve the visibility and safety of your various pathways, such as driveways and sidewalks.


#4 Consider The Function Of your Business

What is the function of your business? How does it operate? Is it open during regular business hours? Do you have staff on-site 24/7? Think about the areas where your lighting needs may be different because of the functions of your operational requirements. 

If you have a restaurant, for example, you might need to invest in proper dining lighting that appeals to your clients, or if you own an art gallery, you might need proper lighting to display the art properly.


#5 Consider The Function of Your Building

You have to consider whether you own the business premises or sub-leasing it. You might be sharing areas with other companies, residents, or retail shops. You need to look at the building and see how each space is utilized. This way you will get the maximum energy efficiency benefits from your lighting design.


The Benefits Of A Good LED Lighting Design

Good lighting design can help your business in many ways, such as:

  •   Superior performance
  •   Low maintenance
  •   Lower cost – up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting
  •   Better working environment
  •   Increased staff productivity
  •   More control

Here is further information on the benefits of good lighting.

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