8 Ways To Choose The Right Under Cabinet Lighting

Adding under cabinet lighting is 100% worth your investment and time. And, as lighting specialists, we know thousands of users agree with us. If you’re new to this trend, this article will help you know how to choose the right under cabinet lighting.

#1 Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

With the increased use of LED lighting everywhere, electricians are seeing more and more benefits and demand for this kind of lighting. Some of the benefits include:

  • Up to 50,000 hours of lifetime
  • Instant power on
  • Generates less heat than incandescent lights
  • You can direct the light output wherever you want
  • Low profile or small light fixtures
  • Savings in electricity
  • Easy to install

#2 Choosing the Color Temperature Of LED Lights

Color temperature is often of the most overlooked yet important aspects of lighting. What color should you use for kitchen cabinets? Figuring out the color for your space is not easy. 

Both commercial lighting and residential light fixtures use the kelvin scale. This way you can select color temperatures. The lower the number, let’s say 1,000K, the warmer the light is. The higher the number, let’s say 10,000K, the colder the light is.

#3 How Do You Run Under Cabinet Lighting? 

To be able to run LED lights with low voltage under kitchen cabinets, you need to check the power source first. This can be an existing power outlet above your cabinetry. Also, you can have a licensed electrician install a conveniently located receptacle. Usually, a great spot can be above the microwave within the cabinet.

You can plug in the LED power supply in the power outlet connecting all of the under cabinet lighting lights.

#4 When Should I Place Under Cabinet LED Lights?

Under-cabinet LED lights should be placed near or in the middle of the front edge of the underneath side of your upper cabinets.

Placement can change depending on the under cabinet light:

  • Puck lights should be placed and spread out according to the beams in the upper cabinet.
  • Strip lights should be placed at the front edge of the upper cabinet
  • Stick or linear lights have to run lengthwise and placed to the edge at the front of cabinet

#5 Which One Is The Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

The best under cabinet LED lighting is the one that will help you achieve task lighting. For example, linear stick lights. They will help you with tasks such as cooking and meal prep, sorting mail, washing dishes, making coffee, etc.

#6 How To Choose Which Type of Lighting?

There is a purpose to each under cabinet lighting. It’s meant to work as a task light. So once you have an idea of what kind of light you need, such as a puck light, or strip light, you can start getting more specific about your lighting components.

#7 Hard Wired Lighting 

This is the most popular method. It proved a reliable installation that can be permanent for your lighting needs. They do require a licensed electrician to install. 

#8 Plug-in Options

If you are interested in low voltage options, plug-in lights are the way to do it. This can be done by using a power supply or adaptor plugged into an outlet.

Licensed Lighting Electricians Near You

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