Why You Need Low Voltage Electrical Contractors Now

East-West Electric has on-staff expert technicians and designers with experience in the installation and design of data, voice, fiber optics, security and paging systems, and fire alarms.
Our team of low voltage electrician contractors works with most distributors and vendors to install all types of systems to meet any of your specific needs. East-West Electric also has BICSI staff to help with any of the low voltage electrician design specifications.


If you’re thinking of hiring low-voltage electrical contractors, make sure they have BICSI-certified electricians on their staff. BICSI means “Building Industry Consulting Service International” and it was created to help in the standardization and development of IT systems, like the structured cabling system standard. 

BICSI has its headquarters in Tampa, FL and it services the IT industries in over 100 countries. Having this certification has become obligatory for cable designers and installers that specialize in complex data/voice cable layouts.

Common Low Voltage Electrical Services

At East-West Electric, our electricians are available to quickly resolve any electrical emergency or low-voltage problem. Whenever there is an emergency, we will send our team of expert technicians to efficiently and promptly resolve the problem. Here are the most common low-voltage electrical services offered by electricians.

Voice, Data & Fiber Optic

A well-designed mass communication or security system needs the right configuration and wiring to ensure the system works properly. Data and voice systems protect properties from damage or loss during emergencies by communicating essential information, instructions, and data to those who need it. They can also protect visitors and employees on-site. It is important to install these technologies up to standards, otherwise, the system invites risk to all.

Monitoring and Paging of Fire Alarm and Security

Fire alarm systems are one of the most important and essential protection systems a business or home can have. The best fire alarms can monitor any changes in the environment and detect incidents or threats before they get dangerous. Fire alarms work optimally when they can send both visible and audible signals to the emergency services and occupants. 

Sound Masking Systems

Sound masking systems replace noise distractions that can be common – such as a construction site or barking dogs – with a temperate, overlapping white noise. It simulates the sound of an HVAC system. In a work environment, it can get noisy, which makes the sound masking system perfect for creating a comfortable and calming environment for the employees.

Network Wiring and Data Cabling

Data cabling is the main component of a networked system. The quality of the cabling installation and design determines the general performance of every network or data system in any environment. Any other poor design ends up costing more in the long term.

Commercial Security, CCTV, and Building Access Systems

Video surveillance is a must when it comes to everyday security at exits and entrances of most commercial buildings and manufacturing sites. An expert low voltage electrical contractor should be able to work with different vendors to offer you a wide variety of CCTV and access control systems. Whether your business needs single or multiple door card access, multiple or single cameras, local or remote viewing, an electrical contractor can help you.

How To Hire a Good Low Voltage Electrical Contractor

How quick they are to tend to your request can be a sign of a high-quality company. Once you get quotes from at least three different contractors, you can compare them by how comprehensive the quote is. 

Is it detailed or vague? Are you comparing apples to apples amid the quotes, or are you comparing apples to oranges? 

Once you are satisfied with one quote, you can consider the following about that company:

  • Get references
  • Ask for a list of similar projects
  • Do they have the community in mind?

You can also meet with them face to face. You can get a personal feel for how professional they look and how they communicate. 

Looking for Low Voltage Electricians in Clearwater, FL

In the end, the decision of which company you’re going to hire depends on a lot of factors. The best choice is the company that will help you with your project for the best price and quality. East-West Electric is ready to take on your low-voltage project. Call us today at (727) 771-9403 for a quote!

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