3 Advantages of Installing LED Stadium Lights

There are a ton of pros associated with LED outdoor sports lighting. Lights are an important part of any outdoor venue, so it is vital to stay on top of any technology that will give you an edge. This is why LED is starting to prove that it is the superior choice for stadium lighting. 

What Are Stadium Lights?

The most recognizable use of stadium lights is during sporting events. They’re the big lights mounted on top of every high school, college, and professional stadium. In groups, stadium lights are powerful enough to highlight the action even when it is pitch black outside. Along with the roar of the crowd and current entertainment, stadium lights are a big part of a big event.

Advantages of LED Stadium Lights

LED outdoor stadium lights have three main benefits as a replacement or updated lighting system. If one of these three benefits catches your attention, then LED stadium lights are your next best purchase. There are no marketing gimmicks needed to sell these products, as they ‘just work’.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency is something that is needed by any modern controllable light output. It is something that is taken for granted, especially when you factor in long-term durability. LED lighting lasts up to 100,000 hours before needing a change, while its closest competitor is a fluorescent lamp that tops out at 20,000 hours. 

Reduced Costs

Operating costs are a major pain when the energy output is inconsistent. Stadium LED lights won’t put you in the uncomfortable situation of balancing cost with quality. When long-term cost savings are the ultimate goal, there is no other option that can stand up to LED stadium lights.

Environmental Benefits

Eco-friendliness should never come at the cost of light quality. LED stadium lights don’t use hazardous chemicals in their manufacturing process. There is no mercury, and the LEDs are completely recyclable. Local recycling programs are in place for LEDs to add further convenience to their ownership. 

Make The Most of It

The people at live events have spoken, and LED stadium lights are their preferred choice. If you’re upgrading to LED stadium lights, the time is now. They offer too big of a benefit to ignore, and the price is just right. 

Stadium Lights FAQ

What is the coverage area of an LED Stadium Light?

The average coverage is between 50–70-foot diameter circle.

How Bright are LED Stadium Lights?

They start at 60,000 lumens with the potential to average 150,000 lumens.

What You Need to Know About Stadium Lights

LED stadium lights are powerful when placed at the correct angles. Their intensity allows the lights to reach the ground without losing energy efficiency.

How High should Stadium Lights be mounted?

Although the typical height is 40-60 ft., stadium lights can be mounted as low as 25 feet.

How to Choose the Best LED Stadium Lights?

Take a look at the location where they will be used, and consider the best angles. Even the best LED stadium lights will be inefficient without good mounting plans.

Why Switch to LEDs for Stadium Lighting?

LED lights offer superior pricing for much better quality. Maintenance is minimal, and energy efficiency will save you more money annually.


Installing Stadium Lights in Tampa Bay Area

If you’re in control of a stadium and are looking to upgrade your stadium lighting while reducing energy costs, speak to one of our stadium lighting contractors now. East-West Electric serves the entire Tampa Bay area and we’re happy to sit down and talk you through your options, including aesthetics & cost. Call us today at (727) 771-9403 now. You can also go to our commercial lighting form and we’ll provide you with a quote.

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