4 Reasons You Need LED Pool Lighting

Pool lighting has come a long way since 1969. That was the year it became a part of the National Electric Code. Before then, pool lighting did not have good quality, it was scary and dangerous. The R-40, a big, old, and incandescent bulb that was able to light up the pool from one end to the other like a fisheye, still is present in many pools today. When the 1980s hit, halogen lamps became more popular. Even LED lights have been around for a while, they’re pretty new to pool lighting. As we’ve mentioned in multiple of our blogs, LED lights have many advantages over halogen and incandescent lights. They have lower operating costs and can provide excellent visibility. LED lighting for a pool means an incredible upgrade. Here are 4 reasons why LED pool lighting can be a great choice for your pool.

#1 Layers of Visibility

If you can’t see when you’re swimming, you’ll probably run into things. When you’re swimming at night, you can also hurt yourself because the pool’s sides can be hard, and there might be other people in the pool.

This is why pool lighting can be a great way to stay safe, and see what is in the water, such as another swimmer, or a wasp or bee. In addition, our basic instincts make us want to be able to see when we’re swimming.

Adding LED lighting to your pool area is also a good idea. A lit-up pool surrounded by darkness can be unsafe and a little creepy. The owner of the pool who decides to add lighting layers in the pool and pool area will have adequate and appealing lighting. These lights can even be set up with timers or have motion detectors, to make them more convenient and cost-friendly.

#2 Convenience And Economics

LED light’s monetary value is irrefutable. LED lights cost less to work for the same amount of lumens. Mainly, they last longer than the old incandescent lights, around 15 to 20 times more.

For someone who owns a pool, this means better and longer lighting in between replacements. It can easily make up for the higher price, which will be recovered by the low operating cost.

#3 Beauty

We don’t think there was ever a time like now when pool owners have had such an incredible amount of options. If your pool has gorgeous lighting you will be able to offer an amazing aesthetic and ambiance. LED pool lighting is stunning and allows you to control style choices, and color everywhere in and around your pool. If you host a lot of parties, floating pool lights add a very cool effect.

#4 Fiber Optic Lighting

We couldn’t finish this article before providing you with some information about fiber optic lighting for swimming pools. This type of lighting can help you create a fun dynamic in pool lighting. However, it’s around double the price of LED lights and lasts about half as long. On the other hand, fiber optic lighting is impressive to look at, and most people think the high costs are worth it.

Even a little bit of fiber optic lighting can add incredible ambiance to your pool, including a waterfall, or fountain. It can also provide a safety factor, which will give you peace of mind when you have family members and guests spending time in and around your pool at night.

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LED Lighting For Your Pool Near You

If you have been thinking of upgrading to LED pool lighting, a licensed residential electrician has to be the one who installs them for the sake of safety and quality. We can guide you through all the options as well as costs. If you need a high-quality, licensed electrician in the Clearwater, Fl area, call East-West Electric at (727) 771-9403. We would be happy to take your call.

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