5 Electrical Problems To Fix Before Your Selling Your Home

One of the problems that can determine whether a house sells or not, lies behind its walls. While curb appeal is essential, it is very important to upgrade and fix any electrical issues before putting your home on the market. Electrical problems from not enough outlets or old wiring can reduce the resale value of your home. Additionally, if you fix these problems or remodel them early, you will likely avoid any issues with your home inspection down the road. You want to be able to tell potential buyers that you have recently remodeled the electrical system with a certified electrician. That will give you an edge in the housing market.

Electrical Problems You Should Fix Before Selling Your Home

These are the top electrical problems you should think about fixing before selling your house:

  • Old electrical wiring
  • Adding outlets
  • Outdated circuit breaker panel
  • Adding ground fault circuit interrupters
  • Up the amperage  

#1 Old Electrical Wiring

Do you know when the electrical wiring was installed for the first time in your home? Any house built before 1985 needs an upgrade because its wiring system is not up to the current standards and regulations. Generally, electrical wiring can last about 30 years before it can turn into a safety hazard. The risks that come with old wiring are electrical fires, among others, and they can cause extremely bad damage or even destroy your house.

This is why it is extremely important to check and make sure the wiring system in your home is up to the current electrical code. Also, you should know that your home insurance policy might not cover some of the issues if your wiring is not up to date. Consequently, home sellers should consider this as the perfect chance to address that faulty wiring you have been avoiding. Also, this is a smart decision because new fixtures getting power from old wiring can cause risks.

The bottom line is if you upgrade your wiring system your home value will go up. Especially right now, with modern technology, people need a proper electrical system to power today’s gadgets and electronics.

#2 Adding Outlets

Homes nowadays have way too many devices connected at the same time. These devices include TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, speakers, kitchen appliances, etc. All of them need outlets, so before you sell your home, you need to see if you need to add outlets. Specifically near convenient locations such as nightstands or seating areas. Your patio or porch are also convenient locations.

When you add more outlets, you need to make sure you install three-prong outlets. Older homes can have two-prong outlets and they can be risky. You need to have a ground wire to reduce the risk of electrocution or damage to your devices.

#3 Outdated Circuit Breaker Panel

An outdated circuit breaker panel can affect your home functions electrically, its value, and its safety. You need a professional electrician to replace the circuit breaker panel every 20 to 30 years. Outdated circuit breaker panels can get corroded. This can happen in parts you can’t see and this can cause the breaker to trip slower. This can mean fire risk.

#4 Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

GFCIs are smart, circuit breakers that shut off the electric power in seconds. The GFCI can detect if the returning current is not the outgoing current. It will then reduce the chance of electric shock by stopping abnormal current flow. 

Your home needs GFCI in the kitchen, basement, garage, crawl spaces, and outdoor receptacles.

#5 Not Enough Amps

If you don’t have enough amps in your home you may want to add even more outlets to your home. Check your outlet’s current amps. Most devices today need a higher amperage than an old home’s electrical wiring systems can handle.

Nowadays you need about 200 amps to power microwaves and dishwashers. So, you want a home that can handle all of your devices. 

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