5 Signs You Need to Call a Commercial Electrician

The US electrical services market reached a value of over $100 billion in 2020. Electrical systems in a commercial environment can experience all kinds of problems. If not dealt with, these problems can lead to much larger issues, and may even present health and safety risks. It’s important to know the signs to look out for that might indicate any electrical problems.

For 5 signs that you need to hire a commercial electrician, keep reading.

1. Circuit Breakers Are Tripping

Circuit breakers will occasionally trip, which isn’t generally something to worry about. If it’s occurring unusually often, however, it might be time to call a commercial electric company.

A typical thing you might experience is a circuit break every time you plug something into a specific outlet. You might also have a breaker that keeps tripping for no clear reason. These both indicate some sort of electrical issue, so you should have a professional electrician take a look.

2. Lights Flickering

Some electrical issues may cause your lights to flicker. If you notice this happening when using a certain appliance then there is probably a problem that you’ll need an electrician to fix.

This might happen if too much power is needed by whatever is plugged into a certain outlet. You may even notice this happening when nothing is plugged in which is a sign of a circuit overload. It can be hard to determine the reason for this issue, but an electrician should be able to pinpoint the cause.

3. Warm Outlets

Among electrical problems, a warm outlet is one that you should be very cautious of. A warm outlet can quickly lead to a fire, so you should call an electrician immediately if you notice this.

Don’t plug anything into the outlet and turn off the power to ensure a fire doesn’t start.

4. Electric Shocks From Plugs

Outlets are designed to be safe, so if you experience electric shocks when plugging things in that’s a clear sign that something isn’t right. The thing to think about here is consistency.

If it occurs once or twice then you should just keep an eye on it. If you get a shock every time you use a specific outlet then you should call a commercial electrician as soon as you can.

Sometimes you may also notice visible sparks, which might indicate an electrical problem that you should have checked.

5. Strange Sounds

When there isn’t much background noise you might notice a humming sound that’s difficult to pinpoint. This can come from frayed or poor wiring, so you might hear the noise coming from anywhere – even from inside walls.

There can be other sources of unusual sounds such as loose terminal screws. Regardless of the cause, a professional electrician will be able to deal find the cause and fix it.

Finding a Professional Commercial Electrician in Clearwater, FL

East-West Electric is a professional electrical service company for residential and commercial customers across Florida. With over 30 years of experience, you can be sure that we’re prepared to handle any situation.

If you need a commercial emergency electrician for one of the problems above or any other electrical issues, we’ve got you covered. For any questions about our services click here to contact us today.

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