6 Benefits of Smart Home Wiring

A smart home can offer homeowners several conveniences and benefits. Most people when they think about smart homes, think only of speakers or lights. However, behind all of these smart devices, there is something much more important: smart home wiring. This is a connection that keeps the smart network connected and enables performance.

Let’s go over the many benefits of smart home wiring and how upgrading your home can provide a full smart home experience.

#1 Reduced Energy Bills

Reducing energy bills involves putting to work a proactive strategy. Smart homes are all about convenience, optimization, and efficiency. From smart thermostats to wi-fi outlets, you can program and monitor most of your smart devices to fit your needs and optimize performance.

It can be as easy as putting wi-fi outlets in the kitchen to control the toaster oven or the coffee maker with your phone. Smart thermostats can be remotely controlled as well and can give performance and usage data. This data can be helpful in understanding system performance, maximizing efficiency, and decreasing your energy costs.

#2 Insurance Benefits

Most of us never pass up a chance to save money. Smart home wiring can offer you a chance to do so. Having an integrated smart system that even has carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, you can see savings on homeowners’ insurance. You can save money and make your home safer. You can check with your insurance company to see what systems and devices qualify.

#3 Whole House Surge Protection

Severe weather can hit at any time, even with today’s advanced forecasting technologies. Even more importantly, people are working more from home these days. Therefore, protecting the equipment powering their home office makes having a whole-home surge protector a requirement. Devices like whole-home surge protection combined with smart home wiring can give you peace of mind and protect any devices from damage caused by storms and power surges. Learn more about power surges and how you can protect your home from them

#4 Enhanced Wi-Fi Coverage

Whether you enjoy gaming, streaming movies, or working from home, you need consistent wi-fi coverage and signal. Upgrading to smart home wiring can enhance your Wi-Fi connection, provide the coverage and consistency you need to stream, and stay connected. Smart home wiring can connect your entire network and create an integrated system that will get rid of any dead spots and improve network consistency and performance.

#5 Better Connectivity

A reliable, strong wi-fi signal means improved connectivity and better coverage with all our mobile devices, even smartphones. When you think about how much time we spend on these devices, this is good news. But even having improved connectivity and coverage there may be times when you need the reliability and security that only comes from a hard-wired connection.

When it comes to reliability and security you need a connection directly plugged into your smart home wiring. 

#6 Improved Security

As security systems get more user-friendly and more effective, it’s important to know how these devices should be correctly connected and wired. Smart locks and camera doorbells that you can monitor from your smartphone are an amazing convenience, but they can only be as reliable as the wi-fi network supporting them. A security system that only relies on a wi-fi connection can be hacked or compromised.

Smart home wiring gives you a more reliable and secure connection for all of your security devices. So even if your wi-fi is compromised, your security system remains secure and operational. 

Expert Smart Home Wiring Near You

A smart home gives you convenience, and flexibility in managing your daily tasks. But all of this needs a reliable system supporting it. If you are considering upgrading to a smart home, you will need the professionals at East-West Electric to have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to help you install smart home wiring. Call us now at (727) 771-9403.


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