6 Electrical Hacks You Need To Know

With the recent pandemic in our country, many people have been spending large amounts of time in their homes. Some of these people have embarked on different DIY projects. Working on your own projects has a lot of advantages and can very educational. However, for some, it might be difficult, but if you follow all the guidelines you will be fine. Nevertheless, there can be some tasks that you can’t go wrong with, especially if you’re doing DIY electrical work. You need to be going about it safely, so here are 6 electrical hacks you need to know.

Hack #1: Removing A Broken Light Bulb With A Potato

We’re confident you haven’t heard about this one. By using a potato to remove a broken lightbulb you prevent getting shocked. To do this, cut the potato in half and use it to break the glass that left on the bulb. Then, press it against it and rotate it to unscrew it from the socket. Make sure you double-check and turn the power off before doing this.

Hack #2: Replacing Smoke Detectors With The Same Type And Harness

Having smoke detectors of the same brand and harness will help you a lot when you change them. You also, don’t really need to hire someone to help you change them. Anyone can change it if they’re the same brand and harness.

Hack #3: Using An Electrical Fish Rod And Stud Finder To Fish In New Electrical Wires

You can use simple solutions and equipment to minimize holes in the casing, that is if you do it correctly. It will definitely save you the work of patching it up when you’re done. By doing things the right way from the start you won’t be having issues in the long run. Household items can be very beneficial in DIY projects.

Hack #4: Using The Radio To Know When An Unlabeled Circuit Is Shut Off

You can work with the radio to minimize shutting down items. How it works is the radio will pick up feedback and can tell you which unlabeled circuits are not working properly and which ones are.

Hack #5: Using A Stud Finder With An Electrical Wire Sensor To Find Buried Electrical Wires

Like we said earlier, simple solutions with household items can really make your DIY project easier. If you use a stud finder to detect the metal from the buried wire, you can minimize cutting patches. You will also know exactly where the wire is.

Hack #6: Using A “Volt Tick” To Quickly Know If An Electrical Circuit Is On

You can use a volt tick to help you tell if there is a current going through a wire. This way, you prevent getting an electric shock. You really need to be careful when working with wires. You never know which wires could live. 

East West-Electric Electrical Hacks

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