8 Reasons to Have Dimmers Installed in Your Home or Business


8 Reasons to Have Dimmers Installed in Your Home or Business

Dimmer switches are an economical, easy way to make a big difference in your home’s lighting appeal, as well as in your energy use. An often overlooked decorating secret, dimmers can change the mood of a room with just a touch. Installing a dimmer switch or changing one out is a fairly simple DIY task that doesn’t take much time, effort or expense.

At East-West Electric we are here to help ensure that you get the most from your home. Lighting is an important part of setting the mood but it can be even important than you realize. Keep reading to discover eight reasons that it’s a good idea to have dimmer switches installed. 

#1 Save Energy

Why have your light on full power if you only need part of its power? When you crank the dimmer down, you are using less energy – which means less energy used.

#2 Your Bulbs Will Last Longer

Light bulbs today are meant to last much longer than they used to, but they’re also much more expensive than they used to be. If you’re sure not to waste power, they will last even longer.

#3 You’re Helping The Environment

It’s simple: The less energy we use, the better it is for the environment. Consider as well that the longer your lightbulbs last, the longer they are kept out of landfills.

#4 It Can Improve Your Health

Believe it or not, studies have suggested that dimmer lights in the event have a positive effect on your sleep cycles. In effect, the lower color temperature of dimmer lights helps to replicate the effect of the sun setting.

#5 They Improve The Look Of a Room

Close your eyes and imagine a room with lightly dimmed lights. Now imagine the same room with bright lights. Which one is more inviting? Which one is more romantic? When you go to a nice restaurant, it is not an accident that their lights will be much dimmer than the lights at your local fast-food restaurant.

#6 They improve your looks

Lighting by dim bulbs can make a sign look warmer and more inviting, and can soften a person’s hair and skin.

#7 They’re easy to install

You may think it’s hard to get these dimmer switches installed but when you work with East-West Electric, we can get it taken care of in time flat.

#8 They’re not expensive

Likewise, you will be surprised to learn just how affordable the parts are. Coupled with our affordable rates, there is no reason not to install dimmers


Locations for Installing a Dimmer Switch

When people think of dimmer switches, they often think of dining rooms or entry halls, which are common areas in which to find them. However, they can be useful in many different rooms and areas around a home:

  • Bathroom – Being able to dim the lights first thing in the morning will allow you to start your daily routine without bright light assaulting your eyes, and provide an easier transition from sleeping to waking. Also, adding a dimmer can give the effect of candlelight without introducing a fire hazard. For better relaxation at home, lower the lights before taking a luxurious bath.
  • Bedroom – Rarely do you truly need bright light in the bedroom. In order to keep your bedroom a place for rest, incorporating a dimmer light switch can inform your body that the day is winding down and encourage better sleeping habits. If bright light is needed, resulting in windows and skylights for a natural source.
  • Kitchen – While full light may be needed for some tasks in the kitchen, the ability to turn the lights to a lower level can come in handy, especially for early morning coffee-making or for late-night snacking. The dimmer can also set apart the cooking area from the dining area; use overhead lighting above the island or kitchen table to distinguish the areas for bigger gatherings.
  • Hallways – Dimmers in hallways can be handy at nighttime, especially for households with little ones. Using the dimmer will keep bright lights from shining into bedrooms while ensuring safety in case someone gets up during the night.
  • Living Room or Den – Lower the lighting to transform your living room into your own movie theater. The dimmer lets you crank the lights up again when reading a book or enjoying a hobby that needs a bit more light.
  • Porch lights – Controlling the porch light with a dimmer switch gives you better control over energy consumption; turn up the lights when you need to see outside and dim them overnight for security while conserving power.

Dimmer Installation Near You

If you are ready for a quote, or to learn more about the advantages of dimmers, contact East-West Electric at (727) 771-9403. We can also help with home automation, the installation of security systems, and much more. Call us today for all your residential electrical needs.