8 Reasons to Have Light Dimmers Installed in Your Home or Business

Light dimmer switches are a cheap and easy way to change your home’s lighting appeal, as well as save energy. An often overlooked decorating secret, dimmers can change the mood of a room with just a touch. Installing a dimmer switch takes not much time, effort, or expense, and it can be a fun and simple DIY project to do on a Saturday morning.

At East-West Electric we are here to help ensure that you get the most from your home. Lighting is important to set the mood in a room, but it can be even more important than you realize. Discover eight reasons to have dimmer switches installed. 

#1 Save Energy

Why spend all the power if you only need some of it? When you lower the dimmer down, you are actually using less energy. Meaning… less energy is used.

#2 Your Bulbs Will Last Longer

Light bulbs nowadays are so much more expensive than before and they are meant to last much longer. But, if you don’t waste power, they will last even longer. Dimming your lights will give your light bulbs an extra life.

#3 You’re Helping The Environment

It’s not rocket science. If we use less energy, the better it is for the environment. The same goes for the lightbulbs, the longer they last, the longer they’re not in landfills.

#4 It Can Improve Your Health

Did you know having dimmer lights in your bedroom has a positive effect on your sleep cycles? The lower the dimmer, the lower the color temperature is, and it helps to replicate the effect of a sunset.

#5 They Improve The Look Of a Room

There is a clear difference between a room lighted with lightly dimmed lights and a room with bright lights. Which one invites you in? Which one inspires romance? Fancy restaurants use these tactics to seem more appealing.

#6 They improve your looks

Dimmer lights must be a hit with celebrities! Dim bulbs actually soften a person’s hair and skin, making people look more natural and attractive.

#7 They’re easy to install

At East-West Electric, we can get the installation taken care of in no time. They’re easy to install.

#8 They’re not expensive

They are surprisingly very affordable. Coupled with our affordable rates, there is no reason not to install dimmers in your home this year.

Locations for Installing a Light Dimmer Switch

When people think of dimmer switches, they often think of restaurants or big hotel dining rooms, which are upscale areas in which to find them. However, they can be useful in many different rooms and areas around a home:

  • Bathroom – Dimmed lights are nice to start the daily routine with instead of bright lights burning your eyes.
  • Bedroom – No one likes a bright light in their bedroom. Keep your bedroom a place for relaxation and rest.
  • Kitchen – Having different dimmed lights in the kitchen can separate it from other rooms like the dining area. Featuring different areas like the kitchen island or table with different shades can make the room look more dynamic.
  • Hallways – Dimmers in these areas can help as night lights for people who wake up during the night.
  • Living Room or Den – Turn your living room into a movie theater by lowering the lights and enjoying a nice night in.
  • Porch lights – Being able to control the outdoor lighting can help you control your energy consumption. Turn down the lights overnight for security while keeping down your consumption.
  • Swimming pool – we’ve written an entire article on the benefits of good swimming pool lighting.

Light Dimmers Installed Near You

If you to learn more about the advantages of dimmers or want a quote for installation, contact East-West Electric at (727) 771-9403. We can also help with home automation, the installation of security systems, and much more. Call us today for all your residential electrical needs.

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