Electrical Contractor in Clearwater, FL Explains the Installation Process & Maintenance Needs for Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

When people think of the appearance of their home, they usually think of landscaping, a backyard deck, painting and furniture. One of the most overlooked yet pivotal tools for home design is the lighting. There is a huge variety of types of light and colors that can create dramatically different feels for your home. Installing and maintaining lighting can create a cozy, polished feel for you and your visitors, who likely won’t even realize why your home looks so good. An electrical contractor in Clearwater, FL can help design lighting that drastically changes the feel of your home.

Outdoor Lighting

The lighting outside a home is the first introduction to your abode. You can essentially create any atmosphere you’d like, from dramatic and impressive to casual and welcoming. Creative lighting at different heights and angles within the home can draw attention to the most precious aspects and create an interesting effect.

Indoor Lighting

Each room offers unique opportunities for lighting; formal living rooms with bookshelves and mantles may do well with recessed lighting, the dining area may be completed by a chandelier, bright lights in the kitchen and restroom may increase a feeling of order and utilitarianism, discrete floodlights can add elegance and security to the home’s exterior. The interior design of your home must include spectacular lighting. Contact an electrical contractor in Clearwater, FL to learn more.

Lighting Fixture Installation

Unless you have extensive electrical experience, you will need to hire an electrical contractor in Clearwater, FL to complete the look of your home through lighting installation. The average costs of installing a light fixture depends on a few factors, but typically it will cost a homeowner between $750 and $1200 for new lighting installation throughout the interior of a home. Each independent light fixture installation may cost between $40 and $120, depending on the specifications of the fixture. These prices include new wiring, which is necessary for true customization as it will allow the homeowner to place the light exactly where it is desired. When using pre-existing wiring, the cost decreases significantly. The cost to rewire may seem somewhat high, but it is worth it for a job well-done by a professional. An electrician can do a high-quality job and prevent the installation of a fire hazard.

There are many options for outdoor lighting. It may be used to increase security and safety, and thus be set to motion detection, or may be used to accent the beauty of your home, and be timed to turn on when it gets dark. You may use your home’s electricity to power your lights or choose the more environmental option of solar power. There are numerous options in numerous categories, supplying homeowners with a range of opportunities to customize the outside of their home.

Some factors that affect the total cost of installation include:
● The cost of the fixture
● The accessibility of current electrical wiring
● The age of the wiring and of the home
● The type of fixture

Lighting Maintenance

Maintaining the lights is an important aspect of the lighting of a space. Consistent maintenance keeps the space lighted as intended and ensures that there are no mismatching bulbs or an accidental reversion to an old type of bulb over time. If you intend to change to LED lights, but only do so every time one bulb goes out, it’s quite possible that you will forget this intent and go back to the old bulb. Scheduling a group relamping can economize labor costs, improve atmosphere, and minimize disruptions. When one bulb goes out, it doesn’t make much sense to call the electrician. It’s better to schedule a time for an electrical contractor in Clearwater, FL to visit the space and replace all the bulbs at once. By doing this, all bulbs are of the same type and it is unlikely for one to go out and tarnish the overall look of the space. This also ends up saving you in labor costs as the electrician does all the work in one go instead of needing to come back often for only a few bulbs. Though it may seem wasteful to throw out bulbs that haven’t burnt out yet, it’s works out when the cost of labor is considered.

Different bulbs will need to be changed at different times. Fluorescent bulbs are recommended to be changed at around 70% of the lamp’s life, or around every 5 years. LEDs and extended-life fluorescents will need to be changed even less frequently.

To save even more money, it may be advantageous to group relamping with fixture cleaning. An electrical contractor in Clearwater, FL can help you with your lighting fixture needs. Fixture cleaning is a necessary part of maintenance as it removes dirt and dust that blocks the light of the fixture, essentially dimming your lights. What’s the point of having that nice light fixture if you let it get dirty and distribute light differently than you intended? Dust and dirt can also agitate allergies.

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