Clearwater Electrician Describes Custom Internal & External Surveillance Systems

Crime is always a major concern for any home owner or property manager. Installing a custom surveillance system from an experienced Clearwater electrician can help deter crime and track down individuals who commit crime.

What are Video Surveillance Systems?

When the term “surveillance system” is mentioned, people immediately think of security cameras. Surveillance systems are complete networks consisting of many security techniques. These systems come in many varieties such as:

  • Home security camera systems
  • Outdoor security camera systems
  • Wireless security camera systems
  • 8 camera security systems
  • 5 camera systems
  • Wireless systems
  • HDTV
  • IP

Depending on your circumstance, it’s best to speak to a Clearwater electrician who can provide suggestions suited specifically for you.

Why Should I Get a Surveillance System?

The most obvious reason to install a surveillance system is to increase security. Having visible cameras helps to deter crime because criminals are aware that they are on camera and may be identified. Not all surveillance systems actually record, but just having a camera on the property shows that you are willing to go to lengths to protect your property. Recording footage of your property can aid in any investigations relating to crime on your property, such as theft and vandalism. This can be helpful both for police investigations as well as for your insurance company.

Commercial Security System

Additionally, having a surveillance system in place can increase employee productivity. Office managers or business owners will have the ability to monitor employee behavior including the frequency of breaks and how much goofing off is happening on the clock. Similar to criminals being put off by cameras, employees will behave differently simply by thinking they are being observed. Observing behavior can also make it easier for managers to determine who is working hard and who needs additional motivation. When employees are being paid on an hourly basis but aren’t working during those hours, they are essentially stealing wages.

If you have a highly valuable commercial property that needs more than just your regular security surveillance systems, adding a security task team to accompany the surveillance systems in place will increase your properties safety.

Residential Security Systems

For at home surveillance systems, the complex movements of a family can be tracked to some degree. You can be sure your kids got home from school on their own from your office with the help of a surveillance system from a Clearwater electrician.

When it comes time to decide what kind of security a property needs, custom surveillance systems can be much more cost-effective than hiring security personnel. Cameras do not require a monthly salary or health insurance and never take breaks. While the initial cost is an investment, surveillance systems can save you money in the long run between deterring crime, increasing work ethic, and making it easier to weed out the individuals that are slacking off on the job.

Surveillance systems are much better than security personnel for several reasons. Security personnel cost quite a bit between wages and healthcare. Additionally, they need breaks, can fall asleep on the job, and often stay entertained in their monotonous job by fiddling with their cellphones the entire shift. This not only decreases the effectiveness of the security force, it also makes your establishment look sloppy. If something terrible were to hurt and the security personnel was injured, not only would there be expenses relating to the actual incident, but also medical care costs for the injured party.

It’s also cost-effective to purchase a surveillance system instead of a single camera at a time. While the upfront cost may be somewhat intimidating, all the cameras will be installed together from a Clearwater electrician with all the necessary supplementary material. This makes it easy to replace a single camera or to add one on later as the infrastructure is in place. When one camera is purchased at a time, it can be difficult to orchestrate all the separate parts into a fluid and effective surveillance system.

Choices Within a Surveillance System

No two surveillance systems are the same and there’s plenty of room for customization. Internal and external surveillance systems can be useful for a wide variety of properties, from retail to apartment complexes to individual homes. Each property has unique needs so it’s best to contact an experienced Clearwater electrician, though many business owners choose to install cameras near entrances, where money is located, in break rooms, and on merchandise floors. Different cameras have different capabilities, that may be more useful to some properties than others. These capabilities include:

  • Night vision camera’s
  • Vandal-proof
  • Megapixel
  • Motion activated
  • Tamper detection
  • Capturing video as well as sound
  • Remote access
  • Recording systems

When you contact a Clearwater electrician, they will perform a site evaluation and discuss your particular needs. This allows the company to make informed suggestions about what components and capabilities fits your specific situation within your budget.

Call a Clearwater Electrician Today For Your Surveillance Needs

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