The Weather and Energy Usage

The relationship between energy usage and the weather is a perpetual cycle. As temperatures go up or down, energy use will also increase or decrease because of a variety of factors. For example, as temperatures get colder, you will spend more energy and money trying to heat your home and maintain it at a comfortable temperature. As leading providers of complete residential and commercial electrical services, the team at East-West Electric knows discussing energy usage goes hand in hand with the weather. This is why we have put together some information for you to learn about how weather conditions can increase energy usage and how to minimize it whenever you can.

Why Does Weather Affect Energy Usage?

Weather conditions during the different seasons can drastically affect humidity levels and temperature, both of which have a significant impact on energy usage. The following are the weather conditions that have a bigger impact on energy usage:

Extreme Heat

The heat during the summertime can be very uncomfortable in any commercial building or home. As temperatures increase, cooling fans and AC units will start to be used way more frequently. This increase in usage directly correlates with an increase in energy usage rates. To decrease energy consumption during the extreme summer months, make sure your thermostat is set to 18 degrees celsius or higher when you’re not at home. This will reduce consumption and energy costs without sacrificing your own comfort.

Freezing Cold

Cold temperatures during the wintertime can be uncomfortable and add strain to power grids. Snow, ice, and wind are also more common during these months, increasing the risk of broken power lines or grid problems. To maintain their comfort, many workers and homeowners will use different forms of heaters. Strip heaters, baseboard heaters, and portable heaters are some of the highest sources of consumption of energy during the wintertime.

To reduce the need of these units, make sure your commercial building or your home is properly insulated, and all your windows are sealed. It is also important to remember to turn them off when no one is using them.

Excessive Humidity

When there is humidity in the air the temperature can seem higher than it actually is, which can cause many to lower their thermostat or use portable AC units to stay comfortable. These AC units consume a high amount of energy, which is why it is important to monitor how after you used them during the day. To stay highly comfortable while consuming less energy, consider using a portable dehumidifier or a ceiling dan instead of the portable unit or central AC.

If you are wanting to know about energy usage or how to minimize energy consumption during hot or cold months, get in touch with East-West Electric. 

How Do I Reduce My Energy Usage?

There are many things you can do to reduce your energy usage, including the following:

  • Install a thermostat that you can program
  • Have professional maintenance on your HVAC system every year
  • Change air filters every 3 months
  • Seal windows, ducts, doors, outlets, chimneys, and cables
  • Upgrade windows if you can
  • Install proper insulation

Old, Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring can show up in your electricity bill, no matter the season. Since the number of devices use at home during the winter, it can draw attention to issues caused by faulty or old wiring. The largest indicators of this issue are flickering lights, especially when a space heater or hairdryer is running. A licensed electrician can perform a wiring inspection in your home, especially if you have old wiring.

Learn what causes a power outage here.

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