When To Replace Smoke Detectors And What If They Are Hardwired?

Once this pandemic we’re going through blows over, your home will become a gathering place of family and friends. With that in mind, it is also a good time to check all your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors to make sure they are working properly. However, as you check your various detectors, you need to determine if they are still good or need to be replaced.

Wired smoke detectors are recommended to be installed by a residential electrician in Florida, so they can also help you when it is time to replace them. The question is when should you replace your smoke detectors?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when checking if your smoke detectors are working:

How Long Can Smoke Detectors Be in Service?

We are all familiar with the regular beeping that lets us know that the batteries need replacing, but we are way less familiar with how frequently the actual smoke detector needs to be replaced. According to FEMA, these artifacts should be replaced every 10 years from when they were manufactured.

Therefore, check the date of each and every one of your smoke detectors. You should write down a list of each of them, where they are, and their manufacture dates. It’d be a good idea to go through this list every year and take down the ones that have reached ten years. Once you take them out, make sure to replace them right away. Don’t forget to update your list with the information of the new smoke detectors.

Testing the Batteries

If your smoke detectors are still in good working order, then be sure to create a schedule for testing your batteries on a monthly basis. It should be part of your home’s regular maintenance. Simply push the test button on the detector and make sure the alarm sounds. You should replace the batteries if the alarm doesn’t make a sound.

If you notice the batteries getting low between the monthly checks, the smoke detector should make a sound and let you know. Be sure to promptly replace the batteries to ensure that your smoke detector is in good working order. According to the National Fire Protection Association, working smoke detectors in your home can reduce your risk of dying in a home fire by almost half.

Where Should Your Smoke Detectors Be Located?

After checking your smoke detectors and determining that they are in working order, it is important to make sure they are in the best placement throughout your home.

Make sure there is a smoke detector in each bedroom. One right outside of each bedroom and another one on every level of your home. If you have a smoke detector everywhere in the house the chance of you hearing the alarm is higher. Even if all doors are closed. 

You should also place a carbon dioxide detector near sleeping areas. Also, make sure they are all interconnected. Doing all of this will help you be notified of the existence of a fire. If one smoke detector sounds, they will all sound as well.

What If My Smoke Alarms Are Wired?

If your home’s electrical system is wired to your smoke alarms, then they will have a backup battery that you will need to replace once a year. However, you should use a residential electrician in Clearwater, FL, to pull those detectors and replace them. WE recommend that a qualified residential electrician should install hardwired smoke alarms.

You should have a residential electrician out to check on your smoke detectors. You can also have them check out any other electrical issues that could be concerning you. Remember, the smallest spark from faulty electrical wiring can end up resulting in a large and destructive fire.

Electrical Contractors in Clearwater At Your Service

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you determine the best smoke alarms for your home. And, also assist in determining the right placement of those alarms throughout your home. Contact East-West Electric today at (727) 771-9403 to make an appointment to have your hardwired smoke alarms checked.

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