Why A Bath Fan Is Good For Your Bathroom

Controlling the humidity in your home is imperative. When the humidity increases your home can start growing mold or it can even suffer from structural damage like warping and peeling from moisture. Moisture can naturally accumulate in your bathroom easily from your daily shower use, and if it becomes stuck in your bathroom it can lead to the aforementioned damages. To avoid this is a great idea to install a bath fan in your bathroom. Here is why

Reduce Fogging

When you’re done with your shower or bath, your bathroom can get all fogged over. A bathroom fan installation would work wonders for you. We have all experienced it, you get out of the shower and go to brush your teeth or your hair and your bathroom mirror is totally fogged over. 

Having an exhaust fan in your bathroom will allow the accumulated steam to be drawn out of the bathroom before it can fog up your mirror or increase moisture to dangerous levels.

Prevent Damage

The mist in your bathroom or shower can come in contact with your moldings and walls and it will form condensation. This condensation can saturate the wood underneath the paint, and cause the paint to peel away over time. Bath fans allow keeping the mist from causing any damage, that way your walls are protected.

Moisture damage includes mold. Mold can really compromise the indoor quality of the air in your home and can cause severe health issues. Don’t let the humidity in your home to go unchecked.

Environmental Control Features

Years ago, bath fans were pretty loud and basic, however, that is no longer the case. These days they are very quiet and it’s unlikely to hear it go at all. Furthermore, the more modern models can come with features like environmental control, so you won’t even have to turn it on. They turn on automatically when there is an increase in humidity. Some other models come with warmers to increase the temperature to a predetermined level

Bath Fan Installation

There are more features that can improve your issues, reach out to our experts at East-West Electric to talk about what else a bath fan can do for you. If you’re interested in getting one installed, you should definitely contact a professional since there are a few key factors to have a successful installation:

  • The fan must be installed right over the source of moisture. 
  • There has to be a switch to control the bath fan. So, if there is already a switch hooked up to some lighting, you will need new wiring installed.
  • There has to be a vent through an exterior wall outside. Otherwise, the moisture will lead to mold.

Bath Fans Installation Contractors in Clearwater, FL

A professional residential electrician can help guide you through the bath fan available options. Don’t think twice and call us to begin your bath fan installation. Your home and your family will thank you for it! Call us now at (727) 771-9403!

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