Why Are My Home Security Lights Staying On?

Are your motion-activated security lights not turning off in your Clearwater home? This problem can be quite energy-wasting to be sure, but don’t worry too much about it. This problem is actually very common and most of the fixes are pretty simple. With the expert electricians at East-West Electric on your side, you will have your security lights fixed in no time!

When you need residential electrical services in the Clearwater area you can trust  East-West Electric to offer fast and effective professional solutions. When your security lights are not turning off, contact us right away.

Mode Jamming: The #1 Cause of Stuck Lights

In the majority of cases, the issue simply comes down to the security lights being stuck in their “always-on” mode. This is a very common feature that most lights like these have, and it can be triggered in many ways. However, unfortunately, many of those ways are not planned. Some reasons why the lights won’t turn off are:

  • Power surges. They are the most common causes of this issue. The sudden stop and restart of power will trigger the security lights’ override system, forcing them to indefinitely stay on. 
  • Lights are getting switched off and on too fast. If you accidentally turned on the main activation switch for your lights on and off too fast, you will get the same issue.

However, this fix is pretty simple! Simply turn the power off to your security lights and leave it off for 30 seconds. After that, turn them back on. The light should be running for a few minutes, maybe three, and then turn off and act normal from then on. 

However, if the issue persists, it’s probably time to call a professional electrician.

Potential Problems With Motion-Sensor Lights Settings

There really aren’t many other issues out there other than sheer wear and age. however, you may be dealing with some badly tuned sensitivity settings. If the security lights are not turning off you should check the settings first to see if the light is not picking up any movement too far away. Some of these systems are powerful enough to detect movement hundreds of yards away. Here are a few cons about motion sensor lighting that you might find interesting.

How to Fix Your Security Lights

Sometimes, when your security lights won’t turn off you don’t need a professional electrician, you can try some of the following fixes before you call for help:

  • Test sensitivity: you can adjust the sensitivity settings and run tests. Go over different scenarios by throwing or placing objects to see which ones trigger the lights. If the objects that are triggering your light are tiny or very far away, the sensitivity setting is too high. Keep adjusting the setting until you get it just right. 
  • Reset the motion detector: unplug the motion light from the power source to reset it for a full 10 seconds. Then, plug it back in and allow it to turn back on. This will reset the light and turn off the auto function.

On top of these things, you can also consult the manual and double-check the functions and settings on your light. There is a chance that the settings just need to be tweaked a little bit or that you need to reset the unit. 

When to Hire a Professional Electrician

As with everything, there comes a time when the right thing to do is to call a professional to fix your security lights for you. If your lights are damaged or you think there is an electrical problem, you should always get help because DIY fixes can be dangerous sometimes. Also, if you’ve been working on fixing your light for some time and can’t find the right solution, call for help. Don’t waste time on something that could be an easy and inexpensive solution for motion sensors and security lights experts.

Security Lights Repair and Replacement Near You

If you are still having problems with your security lights, call on East-West Electric to get the service you need. Our specialty is outdoor lighting services, and we can offer you the replacement, repair, or total installation of your security system to restore the safety and security around your home. Call us today at (727) 771-9403.

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