5 Deck Lighting Installation Ideas

Having deck lighting and outdoor outlets installed in your yard can expand your open-air living chances all the way into the night while additionally improving your home’s resale value. As the evenings get hotter and with more families searching for approaches to make near and dear spaces appear to be more intriguing, this is a fantastic alternative that adds a great deal of appeal as well. There are numerous excellent alternatives that can improve well-being and security too. Also, an additional outdoor outlet installation can give you more alternatives for adding outdoor appliances, string lights, and even a spot to connect your computer for some outdoor home office landscape. 

Deck Lighting Installation Ideas 

Depending on how your deck is designed, how you spent time outdoors, and how you’d prefer to improve those things, there are various distinctive deck lighting alternatives you can consider. Here are 5 ideas we have compiled for you:

1. Deck Stair Lights

One approach to light up your deck steps is to install lighting directly on them – on the vertical surface of each step, or under the lip of each step so the light from the step above sparkles directly down on the lower step. This keeps the light centered downward to make it safer in the dark, and can improve your security lighting choices too. It likewise prevents light from getting away upwards at night time in case you’re wanting to stargaze.  

2. Deck Post Lighting

There are many different materials and styles of deck post lighting. You can choose any materials like copper, stainless steel, or aluminum, with different styles, and colors that can look amazing and provide decoration even during the day. Deck post lights must face down, to be able to illuminate the stairway or footpath during the night. Deck post lighting is an affordable and easily installed option. But, if you enjoy watching the night sky, remember that these lights can create some light pollution since they’re installed higher up than step lighting.

3. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting on the deck can be a good solution if you have a big overhand that has to be illuminated. It can provide good lighting for everything below it and you can focus on certain areas in the deck. If you have a covered porch above your deck, you can install under-deck recessed lighting.

4. Deck Rail Lighting

This is also a great option that can be installed flush into the deck rails to make them more visible when you’re sitting. These, as well, focus light downwards the stairs or walkway and also show guests where the rail is.

5. Green Deck Lighting

If you are looking to protect the environment, green lighting is the solution. Depending on the type of light bulb used, these can provide a soft light. LED lights are a great option, since they use 75% less energy than incandescent lights, as well as producing less heat. They are durable and have a lifespan that doubles standard lights.

Solar deck lights are also very popular all over the nation. They come in different varieties and meet different needs and preferences.

The only downside to solar is that there is no option to turn the lights off. They normally turn on automatically through a photocell.

Deck Lighting Installation Contractors in Clearwater, FL.

Installing deck lights add beauty, security, and beauty to your deck. They also extend your outdoor enjoyment hours. Plan ahead with the help of a professional electrician, and save time and money with East-West Electric. Call us now at (727) 771-9403 today for more information!

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