5 Things You Should Know About Recessed Lighting

It doesn’t matter how your home is designed, having bad lighting can kill the mood. Having recessed lighting in your home is a good option that can fix that. However, if they are not applied the right way they can seem dull and make your ceiling look like Swiss cheese. Keep reading to learn more about this type of lighting and how to choose the right features.

What Is the Goal Of Recessed Lighting?

The goal of this type of lighting is to not only add visibility but also ambiance and interest to your home environment. In order to achieve this, layering lighting is important: you can combine recessed lights with table lamps, candles, or decorative pendants to make the room feel more inviting and balanced. This can be applied to modern spaces, but also to traditional spaces, where you can strategically place recessed lighting and it can do wonders for your home.

Now, let’s go over the 5 things you need to consider about recessed lighting before you decide to go this route.

#1 Wash The Wall With Light, Not The Floor

Recessed lighting comes in a different variety of configurations. A wall washer fixture is normally placed 20-24 inches away from the wall in a series. And, it is used to spread light on a big surface. When light bounces off the wall into a room, it can create an amazing sense of illumination. Instead of noticing the fixture, you will notice the wall.

#2 Spotlight Objects And Art

You can introduce one spotlight or a few to orient the eye to any object instead of blanketing a space with a grid of lighting. Very different from wall washers, a spotlight can draw attention to a specific point within a room. For example, you can install spotlights in your bathroom above a bathtub or a sink to make the porcelain pop.

#3 Choosing The Right Trim

Beauty is in the details, and recessed lighting comes with a variety of different trim options as well as apertures. So, choosing the right ones can make the lights feel refined and considered, even in the most unobtrusive ceiling lights. For example, for wood ceilings, there are high-end fixtures that come in metal finishes that can look amazing. For minimal applications, there are flangeless fixtures that can be installed into the ceiling to look invisible.

#4 Test The Bulb Color For Warmth

Light bulbs are not created the same way. A warm glow is preferred over an incandescent bulb. It is important to test the quality of the bulb color before installing one. For a home, it is recommended to use the warmest LED color. However, you have to be careful since the most affordable LED lights don’t have a lot of consistency in color quality. You can actually see the different shades of color from one fixture to another.

#5 Use Dimmers

If the above tips are of no use to you, at least make sure you install a dimmer on nearly every fixture around your home. The ability to adjust the intensity of the lights based on your mood is very important. Not just for entertainment areas, but bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, and walk-in closets as well. When you use dimmers and have a bulb lit up to 10%, you actually extend its life. Here are eight reasons to have light dimmers installed in your home.

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