Why Are My Pool Lights Dim?

A pool in your backyard provides years of unlimited fun for your entire family. Every gathering gets more exciting when there’s a pool on the premises. The sultry Clearwater summer evenings can provide wonderful weather for adults to entertain around the pool, indulging in a late-night swim. There’s nothing more inviting than a pool with […]

The Weather and Energy Usage

The relationship between energy usage and the weather is a perpetual cycle. As temperatures go up or down, energy use will also increase or decrease because of a variety of factors. For example, as temperatures get colder, you will spend more energy and money trying to heat your home and maintain it at a comfortable […]

Maintaining Your Winter Outdoor Lighting

In the state of Florida, you are probably not familiar with winterizing outdoor lighting or storing them away during the winter. However, we think that it is important to know that maintaining your winter outdoor lighting can prolong your light fixtures’ life span. Adjusting Settings To Match The Shorter Days Winter is here and the […]

Are Floor Outlets A Good Idea?

Just like any other electrical outlet, a floor outlet is used to ensure easy access to the electrical current. A floor outlet can have many benefits for the home, from practicality to appearance. A floor outlet can be installed anywhere on the ground, depending on your needs, and provides a power source to areas where […]

Why Are My Home Security Lights Staying On?

home security lights in black and white on a wooden panel exterior wall.

Are your motion-activated security lights not turning off in your Clearwater home? This problem can be quite energy-wasting to be sure, but don’t worry too much about it. This problem is actually very common and most of the fixes are pretty simple. With the expert electricians at East-West Electric on your side, you will have […]

When is the Right Time to Call an Emergency Electrician?

emergency electric service

Periodic maintenance of your electrical system can only go so far in protecting you and your home from a situation that could even become potentially dangerous if left unchecked. When something goes wrong with your electrical system or a fault develops that requires urgent investigation there is no time to delay. So, is it the […]

Why Did My Light Bulb Explode and What Are Its Causes?

Electrician Blog Image

There are multiple reasons for a light bulb to explode. To find the solution to this problem, you have to understand the basics. As simple as lightbulbs are on the surface, their actual mechanics are quite vast.  Do Light Bulbs Explode? Yes, but not in the dramatic fashion you’d see in film or television shows. […]

How to Test a Circuit Breaker Using a Digital Multimeter?

Circuit Breaker

Trip profiling is known as a way to test a circuit breaker for performance issues. The circuit breaker needs to regularly have its switching mechanisms and timing optimized to prevent tripping the system. As an essential maintenance procedure, it helps to get familiarized with the basics.  What Is a Circuit Breaker and How to Check […]

What Causes A Dead Outlet

Imagine you plug in your iPhone and nothing happens. You try to fix the problem on your phone in a number of different ways until you figure out that the issue is not your phone or charging cable, but the electrical outlet itself. If suddenly an outlet in your home stops working, there are a […]

7 Things You Should NOT Plug Into Your Power Strip

blow dryer plugged into power strip

A power strip can be a convenient solution when you have a shortage of electrical outlets. However, most people don’t know that they are only designed to handle electronics that require little power. A power strip can handle low-power electronics such as tablets, laptops, lamps, and smartphones. However, when you plug in a divide that […]