Clearwater Solar Electrician Explains Energy Reduction & Production Systems

Using alternative sources of energy can be an economical, environmental, and independent way to power your home. By using a renewable source of energy, you increase America’s energy security while reducing pollution that is created from non-renewable energy sources. The great state of Florida is known for its sunny disposition, which can do you more good than just providing a great tan and extra Vitamin D. Solar panels are a great way to decrease your energy costs and consumption while not having any interruptions to your daily life. Take advantage of what the Sunshine State is best at – being sunny and speak to a Clearwater solar electrician today!

Financial Benefit to Reducing Energy

Installing a small renewable energy system where you make your own energy, is a good place to start to decrease your energy output as it is right now. This way you can decrease your energy needs while saving up for that independent system! Speak to a Clearwater solar electrician to learn more. Here are some ways to reduce your electricity use in your home:

Using Energy Efficient Appliances

There are appliances that are specifically made to do their job while using less energy. This doesn’t have to be something as major as a washing machine, but can be as small as light bulbs.

Using Advanced Power Strips

Even though you turn your appliances off, they often still use some power while plugged into the outlet. By plugging electronics into a power strip and then turning off that power strip when not in use, you cut off all electricity to these appliances. A great idea is to plug all relevant electronics into the same power strip, for example your TV, Blu-ray player, game system, etc. That way you can easily cut off all power when you aren’t using that appliance.

Beware of Daylight

In the warm months, be aware of the effect sunlight has on your home. If you’re running the AC but have your shades pulled back, you may be creating a battle of energies. Sunlight creates a lot of heat, so consider pulling down your shades during warm, sunny days when you aren’t at home.

Electric Water Heating System

Energy-efficient electric water heaters can save a lot of energy and money when operated efficiently. There are also water heaters that are energy-efficient that don’t use electricity at all!

Efficiently Heat and Cool your Home

Be sure all windows are properly sealed. Installing energy-efficient windows, that can use passive solar technology to trap heat during the winter and reflect it during the summer.

Time your Appliance Use

Many people don’t realize that different times of the day have different energy rates. Try running your dishwasher and other electrical appliances at night, when the rates are much lower.

Install Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems are becoming more popular. By installing and fully integrating a home automation system to a more energy efficient plan, you can save a lot of money while you’re not home. Check out our article on Home Automation to find out more.

Generate Electricity at Home

Although it is a significant investment, having your own renewable energy system that generates electricity makes you more independent and decreases the stress you put on the environment. There are a variety of options for renewable energy systems, ranging in how much energy they can supply to a home which a Clearwater solar electrician can explain as it pertains to your needs. Some different systems include:

  • Solar power electric systems
  • Wind electric systems
  • Microhydropower systems
  • Hybrid systems (wind and solar)

When you decide you want to install a renewable energy system in your home, there are several preliminary steps, such as:

  1. Determine how much electricity you currently use
  2. Consider decreasing your energy consumption (see first section)
  3. Understand local codes and requirements
  4. Decide if you want to be on or off the electric grid
  5. Understand your options for your home by speaking to a Clearwater solar electrician.

When designing a new home, you should talk to the builder and contractor regarding incorporating renewable energy systems into your overall design. When considering adding a system to an existing home, you will need to speak with a qualified Clearwater solar electrician.

Electrical Rebates and Incentives

Though the big four utility companies of Florida have spent a lot of time, money, and effort fighting Floridian’s rights to install solar panels in their homes (going so far as to push for legislation that would allow them to charge individuals with solar panels extra!), there are many financial incentives given by the state for individuals who install alternative, renewable energy systems. Some of these incentives are:

Exemption from sales tax

Individuals who purchase solar power systems in place of conventional systems are exempt from paying state sales and use tax on these systems and their parts

Net-metering credits

When a home generates more power than it uses, through any number of alternative energy systems, this energy can be fed back to the grid. The excess energy is then credited to the home by the utility company at retail rate. These credits are good for a year, so if the home stops generating so much energy, their energy consumption is covered by these credits. If the home never requires energy from the utility company, the company must pay the customer at a rate that is somewhat lower than retail. Energy systems between 10 kilowatts and 2 megawatts are eligible but there are liability insurance requirements and application fees.

Schedule an Engineering Site Visit

Once you’re convinced of the benefits of alternative renewable energy systems, call your local Clearwater solar electrician for a site visit. It’s important that your home is assessed to be sure it’s compatible with the new system you would like to install. Enjoy your new, independent energy!

Speak to a Clearwater Solar Electrician About Energy Reduction Options

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