Tennis Court Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Game

If you are serious enough about your game to install a tennis court you will obviously want to create the best environment to give you maximum enjoyment and the freedom to play almost anytime you want to. That is why you need to take your tennis court lighting options seriously.

The best way of achieving that aim would be to install the right type of tennis court light. You might think that all lighting is alike. However, there are striking differences in their performance and it is best to get professional guidance as to which options will be best for your court and setting.

It could be that you take advantage of LED tennis court lights for maximum clarity and coverage. You also need to to the tennis court light pole height too, as this will have a big impact when it comes to providing perfect illumination.

What is Tennis Court Lighting?

A good starting point would be to understand what tennis court lighting is and what it is specifically designed to do.

Its fundamental purpose is to provide excellent illumination levels and distribute a consistent amount of lighting across every inch of the tennis court.

A typical tennis court light delivers lamp-side lateral lighting on either side of the court. A regular tennis court lighting configuration will also include lighting in the long axis direction, using two or three light poles to distribute the light so that every ball played is clearly visible, wherever it lands on the court.

Design & Installation of Lighting Project

If you are using a professional tennis court lighting installer they will understand all of the technical requirements and be able to suggest the right configuration and lighting options.

LED tennis court lights are a popular option as they tick a lot of boxes. They deliver powerful lighting as well as offer energy-saving characteristics. This means your running costs will be low in comparison to the level of lighting you will be able to achieve.

Your tennis lighting installer will also have a good understanding of the lighting pole height required to get the best coverage.

There are three key aspects to consider when it comes to tennis court lighting design.

You want the right level of brightness and efficiency. You also need a lighting solution that offers longevity.

What Are Some Factors to Consider When Choosing Lights for Your Tennis Court?

There are a number of important factors to consider. You will want your lighting to be bright enough. It needs to be waterproof, and luminous efficiency is also critical.

LED lights are a solid option as they are able to provide more brightness than HID lights. LED lights also come out best when it comes to luminous efficacy.

It is important to know that your lights will last for a long time. LED lights have a long service life.

Your tennis court lights need to have a rating of at least IP64. This is a measurement of their resilience to water.

Choosing lighting that offers a high luminous efficacy will mean you use less power to get the coverage you desire for your tennis court.

Color temperature is another consideration. Cool white is usually a good choice.

You don’t want to suffer problems with glare when you are serving or trying to follow the flight of the ball. Look for lighting that has an anti-glare feature.

Factors to Consider for Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

If you are installing an indoor tennis court lighting solution ask about heat dissipation. The life of your bulbs will be impacted if heat can’t escape efficiently.

Your lighting design should also be able to achieve high-light uniformity. A lux range of between 0.6 and 0.7 is often sufficient.

Check the warranty being offered for your tennis court lighting. Make sure you are happy with the warranty period being offered by the light manufacturer.

Tennis Court Light Installers in Clearwater, FL

Your choice of tennis court lighting can be influenced by the setting of the court and it is always a good idea to get professional installation guidance. Ask as many questions as you need to in the design process. That way you will end up with a tennis court that allows you to play anytime and enjoy a great game because your lighting is perfect and allows you to focus. 

East-West Electric & Tennis Court Projects

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