Why Your Electrical Plugs Keep Falling Out Of The Outlet

It is not unusual to meet customers that have their homes full of electrical plugs that keep falling out of the outlet. This can get alarming since they can cause a short in the wiring, as well as the frustration of having appliances that don’t work.

The Problem With Electrical Plugs

Some people will bend the prongs of their plugs to make the appliances work. But not only this is incorrect behavior but it can also create bad damage to the appliance cords. Other people put something between the plug and the outlet to hold it in place, but this can cause a short as well. Others resort to using extension cords to connect the appliance to a working outlet further away.

The real issue here is that the connectors have worn out. Worn-out connectors can be found in older houses and with outlets that have been used repetitively. For example, an outlet that has a plug plugged in all the time, say a table lamp will not wear out as much as the outlet that is repeatedly used to plug in a hairdryer.

The Solutions For Electrical Outlets

A very hands-on homeowner can fix this on their own. Go to the store, buy outlets, remove the old ones, and replace them with the new ones. We don’t really recommend doing this for a few reasons like fire, electrical shocks, for example. But, it will for sure save him a couple of bucks.

What we recommend is that the homeowner has these replaced by an electrician. In the process of having these replaced, a homeowner has a variety of choices that were not available at the time the outlets were installed initially.  

The Types Of Electrical Outlets That Should Be Considered

Smart Outlet

This one allows you to have control over the power and the appliances connected to it directly from your phone through an app. This is really handy for people who aren’t home all the time and want to control their electrical appliances from afar.


A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter saves thousands of people from being shocked or electrocuted. This one is helpful for people who have children or outlets near a water source. These almost magical things can cut power to the outlet during a power anomaly. And, they only need to be installed in the first circuit to protect the entire circuit.

USB Outlets

These outlets are plugs for USB charging cords. Given the extended use of phones, it’s surprising that more places don’t have these. You can plug in your phone and still use the outlet for other cords.

An AFCI Outlet

These are arc-fault circuit interrupters. Meaning that they prevent arcing, which is a very dangerous leap of electricity that goes on inside the wall. These are amazing for areas where children or older people sleep because they can prevent electrical fires that some people may not be able to escape. These, just like GFCIs, protect the entire line of the circuit if they’re installed in the first outlet.

20A Outlet

This one offers 20 amps of power and they are used for high-power appliances like stoves, washers, and dryers.

Switch Outlet

The switch outlet enables you to control the power that goes to a device right at the outlet. Not every appliance comes with an on/off switch. Others have it in an inconvenient location hard to reach, like overhead lighting in garages. Switch outlets usually come with one plug and the switch in the receptacle.

While you can spend a little more money with an electrician than you would if you replaced the outlets yourself, it may be well worth your money to call an electrician. A professional electrician will guarantee that the new electrical outlets are safe and will last for years.

Need an Electrician to Replace Your Outlets?

If you need a highly-rated, licensed electrician in Clearwater, FL, contact East-West Electric at (727) 771-9403. We would love to hear from you! We will make sure your electrical plugs don’t keep falling out of the outlet.

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