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The average American spends approximately 2,000 hours a year in their office which is a lot of time in one place. It’s important then that your work environment is designed for maximum productivity. Adequate office lighting has more of an impact on how your employees perform than you might realize. Here we will explain why commercial office lighting should not be underestimated when it comes to creating the perfect working environment.

Natural Effect of Light on Worker Productivity

Humans are diurnal creatures (opposite of nocturnal). Our natural body clocks are set to acclimate to natural light. It is why we are greatly affected by changing time zones in a short span of time, creating jet lag. Since the majority of us are most productive during the day, it really makes sense that our office lighting should mirror that of natural sunlight. This can be tricky if the office is located amongst large buildings obstructing the sunlight, or located in basements, etc. In these situations, it is imperative for designers to properly address the lighting system. An experienced electrical contractor at East-West Electric would be able to map out a plan that would create a positive vibe in any working environment.

Problems with Insufficient Office Lighting

Blown fuses, blown light bulbs, flickering lights, and dimly lit areas are not only a safety hazard, but they negatively affect the workplace. Health and safety managers don’t always understand how damaging inadequate lighting is to the work environment, so many lighting problems go unchecked. Here are a few negative effects poor office lighting has on the workforce:

Mood and Outlook

Walking into a grim and dimly lit office will have a major impact on the enthusiasm an employee shows during business hours. There have been direct correlations between the office vibe and productivity, so an appropriately illuminated area is imperative.

Worker Fatigue

Subconsciously, workers may not notice the strain they are putting on their eyes trying to perform in densely lit offices. But this builds up over time, creating a fatigued workforce that will never perform to maximum efficiency.

Short-term Employee Health

Related to fatigue, trying to perform in dimly lit areas can cause headaches and eye strain. These two combined will only result in poor performance. These short-term illnesses will have your workers counting down the seconds until they get to leave, having a further negative effect on your company’s culture.

Long-term Employee Health

Issues such as postural problems and musculoskeletal issues that are related to fatigue could have a major detrimental affect long after they have finished working. Poor lighting that creates mental fatigue will soon translate into physical tiredness. This leads to slouching at their desks which can become a major problem over time.

Workspace Safety Hazards

In workplaces where there are high-risk situations including operating heavy machinery, adequate lighting is vital to your workers’ safety. Dimly lit areas coupled with natural fatigue could create a false sense of safety, which will lower the employee’s awareness. Accidents that have occurred in inadequately lit areas could leave the property owner open to liability. Flickering fluorescent lights can also be a trigger for people who suffer from epilepsy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Lighting

There are a number of factors that you should consider when choosing what type of lighting is required for your workspace:

  • The type of work being done – If heavy machinery is in the workspace, then intense lighting strength would be required. If working on computers is the main activity, then a softer hue of light is required, so as to decrease the reflection from the screens.
  • Office demographics – If your staff is older, then a higher strength of light is required for them to work effectively. Young people require less light as their eyesight is generally better, but studies have shown that they are more affected by the office vibe, so a brightly lit area will have more of an impact on their mood.
  • Financial – Installing or choosing to upgrade to LED lighting in the office could save money in the long run because LED lighting has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance. LED lighting is environmentally friendlier than CFL and ILB lighting systems. Make sure to read more on the benefits of LED Lighting.
  • Go solar – If it is possible for you to install photovoltaic solar panels in your commercial property, we would highly recommend it. Having a clean energy system in place will save you money. After all, Florida is the sunshine state. A Clearwater electrical contractor can easily install a PV solar panel system and seamlessly integrate it with your current office lighting system.

Benefits of Installing Premium Office Lighting

There are many benefits to having optimal office lighting installed in your workplace. Not only will it increase your workers’ productivity and maximize office health and safety, but also save you money in the long term. Your business will thrive, and your workforce will be a lot happier. If you’re in need of installing an optimal office lighting system, contact an experienced electrical contractor in Clearwater today at (727) 771-9403. You can also submit an online commercial lighting project form. We will inspect your commercial property and have a full electrical recommendation list for you.

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