The Best 5 Commercial Lighting Trends

For some industries, 2021 was a rebuilding year. The lighting industry keeps on being innovative. And, its products transcend how people see lighting for more eco-friendly options. Contractors and facilities that leverage the advantages of lighting capabilities can increase their property value. Therefore, also increasing their business revenue. Let’s take a look at this year’s commercial lighting trends.

#1 Increased Demand for LEDs

The demand for LEDs continues to increase as people upgrade from their traditional luminaries to LEDs that are energy efficient. Utility providers have started rebates that have increased the incentive to install this type of lighting.

LED lighting can be found to be superior to traditional lighting in every way: lifetime, energy efficiency, color quality, design flexibility, versatility, brightness, wireless lighting control, dimming capabilities, and tenability. LEDs can provide a higher light quality than traditional lighting, they are perfect for low-voltage applications and are more cost-effective.

#2 Lighting Controls

Besides pleasing occupants with the right amount of lighting as needed throughout the property, lighting control systems can maximize the owner’s energy savings, provide a safer environment, comply with building codes and green building, as well as energy conservation programs.

When you install automatic lighting controls in your building, occupants will get the most effective illumination for their environment 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can also install light dimmers which will further reduce your energy consumption (if installed by a professional electrician).

Building owners will conserve energy just by being able to illuminate areas only as necessary. This is specifically beneficial when there is low occupancy.

#3 Lighting for Occupant’s Health and Wellness

After a whole year where people were pretty much confined to their homes to work, employees who now have returned to work in their offices say their number one perk would be to have views of the outdoors and access to natural light. 

In fact, the correct type and amount of illumination provided to people inside buildings can enhance their well-being and health. We have further information on the main benefits of correct office lighting

#4 Higher Demand For Outdoor Illumination

Safety should be the number one priority for building owners, as well as facility managers and properties. Having automated outdoor illumination controls will make your facility safer. It will also reduce any potential liabilities for any accidents inside or outside of your building (walkways, stairwells, entrances, parking lots, etc.)

By installing outdoor illumination and automated controls you are ensuring your facility and its occupants are safe when they arrive and leave the building.

After a whole year of being confined to our homes, outdoor areas are increasingly becoming more valued as they improve people’s mental health and wellbeing.

#5 Higher Demand For Low Voltage Infrastructure

Versatility, long lifespan, and safety. These are three benefits of having lower voltage running through light fittings. Low voltage installations can also reduce the risks of electric shock and give a safer option for installations of outdoor lighting since they don’t pose a hazard when it rains.

Light bulbs can be smaller, allowing the lighting of tighter, smaller spaces that would be otherwise difficult to efficiently or safely light.

Learn how to save energy in commercial buildings here.

Commercial Lighting Installations

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