When You Should Have A Commercial Lighting Inspection

Commercial emergency lighting is vital to your business. But the rest of your lighting also needs to be monitored. It’s important to value electrical safety. Even more so in commercial buildings that have a lot of lights on the premises. A commercial lighting inspection will make sure that all the lights in your business are in great condition and that you can light the inside and outside of your business.

Inspections are important because they help to preserve the safety of your business.

When Should You Have A Commercial Lighting Inspection?

Buying Or Renting A Commercial Property

If you’re thinking of buying or renting a commercial building, it’s not enough to just glance at the lights and assume they’re in optimal condition. That building could have old light fixtures that can be hazardous. You might not know they’re old until the first light goes off and needs replacing.

This is one of the reasons why you need to have a commercial lighting inspection done on the building before you decide to spend your money on it. If the lights are not in good condition, consider what the renovations will cost as well as the investment before making a final decision.

Before Regional Storms Hit

If you are in an area where storms are common, you want to have a commercial lighting inspection performed every year before the storm season starts. Storms will always make people look for shelter. Having sufficient lighting in your building will help people feel and be safer easily.

Get A Lighting Inspection Every Once To Five Years

If you own a building for multiple years, you’ll need to get a commercial lighting inspection at that time. If you get a commercial lighting inspection every few years, it decreases the likelihood that significant lighting problems won’t creep up on you over time and cause more severe problems.

Widespread Power Outages And Light Flickering

If you have many flickering lights around your property, it’s time to have an inspection. When a lot of lights go out at the same time it can mean there is a problem with electricity. If it’s not an electrical problem, it could mean your lights are now older. The reason why they are all going out at once is that they were installed at the same time. But no matter what the reason is, we recommend you perform an inspection to ensure safety on your property.

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Commercial Lighting Inspection at East-West Electric

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