When You Should Have A Commercial Lighting Inspection

Commercial Lighting Inspection

When You Should Have A Commercial Lighting Inspection

You know how vital commercial emergency lighting is to your business. But did you know the rest of your lighting also needs to be monitored? It’s always vital to value electrical safety. Especially in commercial settings that are known to have a multitude of lights on the premises. A commercial lighting inspection is a step above your standard lighting safety measures. They make sure that all lights around your business are in optimal condition and that you have enough lighting to accommodate the inside and outside of your business.

Inspections are important because they help to preserve the safety of your business.

When You Should Have A Commercial Lighting Inspection

Buying Or Renting Commercial Property

If you’re planning on putting money into a commercial building, it’s not enough to give the lights a cursory glance and assume they’re in good condition. The building could have old lights that have hazardous fixtures on them. You may not even know it until the first light needs replacing.

That’s why a commercial lighting inspection needs to be done before you decide to invest in any commercial property. If the lights aren’t in great shape, consider the cost of the renovations as well as the investment before reaching a decision.

Before Regional Storm Seasons

If your business is in an area that’s susceptible to storms, you want to perform a commercial lighting inspection every year before storms start. Storms will always urge people to take shelter. And, having sufficient lighting in your building will help to keep people safer in a pinch.

Get An Inspection Every One To Five Years

If you own a building for multiple years, you’ll need to get a commercial lighting inspection at that time. If you get a commercial lighting inspection every few years, it decreases the likelihood that significant lighting problems won’t creep up on you over time and cause more severe problems.

Widespread Power Outages And Light Flickering

If you see many lights around your property flickering or going out at once, it might be time to have a commercial lighting inspection. When multiple lights are going out at once, it can mean the problem has to do with your electricity. If it’s not an electrical problem, your lights could also be getting older. And, they are going out all at once because they had been installed at the same time. Regardless of the reason, an inspection is recommended to ensure safety on the property.

Commercial Lighting Inspection at East-West Electric

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